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The Oracle Institute is a 501(c)(3) educational charity.
We serve as an Advocate for Peace and a Vanguard for Conscious Evolution,
by operating an award-winning publishing house, spirituality school, and peacebuilding practice.

Oracle Update

"World-Wide Window We-Quest"

Hi – Laura George here, Executive Director of The Oracle Institute, and I have some exciting news: The Peace Pentagon is under roof! It’s taken a lot of hard work to achieve this milestone. First, we had to battle the Prison Industrial Complex to protect our property and the New River. Next, we endured a two-year legal battle to convince our Evangelical neighbors they had nothing to fear from our pentacle icon – a call for interfaith unity among the five primary religions.

And now, it's time to take on the Military Industrial Complex! The Peace Pentagon will be a forum for multi-faith study and worship and a venue for planning national and international peacebuilding events. So we are sending this "World-Wide Window We-Quest" to YOU because YOU have the power and the vision to help us complete the Peace Pentagon and manifest a new Era of Peace.

The windows and doors are inside the building – just waiting to be installed! Click here to see a movie about Oracle and the Peace Pentagon (current picture below). You also can watch fundraising progress, as this thermometer grows and grows due to your support!

Goal Thermometer

The Peace Pentagon is located in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia along the New River - the oldest river in the Western Hemisphere - in a small rural town called Independence.

The building is designed in the shape of a pentagon/pentacle to represent the Enlightened Being who exists within each one of us. The pentacle also is a call for spiritual unity among the five primary religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. And inside, there is a multi-faith sanctuary, which also forms a perfect pentagon.

In June 2012, we held the "100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony" for the Peace Pentagon. Thereafter, we completed all the site work and finished up 2012 by pouring the concrete walls and basement slab. In 2013, we completed the first and second floor framing and the timber installation. Now, in 2014, we are ready to finish the exterior of the building and install the windows and doors.

With your help, the "World-Wide Window We-Quest" will fund the next stage of construction. When you get the email from us marked "Peace Pentagon VIRAL Fundraiser," please make a tax-deductible donation. Then forward the email to family and friends to make it go VIRAL!

Please join us along the New River in 2015 for the Peace Pentagon Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony!

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