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Past Life Monthly Wisdom Circle: Past Life Regression Experience
This exercise will use the tools of imagination and intuition to access a past life memory that is meaningful for you in this lifetime. 
Eco-Spiritual Eco-Spiritual Retreat: Unification of People & Planet
Through a mix of lectures, group exercises and meditations, attendees will realize their power to be active stewards of our precious planet.
heart Monthly Wisdom Circle: Art from the Heart
You will use your intuition to see patterns and images meaningful in your life story. This is a fun project that gives you creative insight!
Synchronicity Monthly Wisdom Circle: Symbols and Synchronicity
This Wisdom Circle will look at how symbols can be used to gain insight into our lives through practical exercises using tools
Truth Discerning Truth in a Post-Truth World
This retreat will explore confirmation bias, group-think, propaganda, conspiracy theories, skepticism, and the difference between relative vs. objective Truth
Healing Monthly Wisdom Circle: Healing Energy
Local Healers offer a 10-15 minute session on massage tables set up in the Peace Pentagon for this event.
The Forever angels cover The Near-Death Experience: An Afternoon with Acclaimed Researcher P.M.H. Atwater