Building the New World Retreat: Personal to Global Transformation | The Oracle Institute
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Building the New World Retreat: Personal to Global Transformation

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Many people believe it is no longer feasible to reform our institutions and society, due to corruption, corporate greed, and cultural decay. Rather than waste time attempting to rehabilitate our broken systems, this retreat will focus on a complete transformation of interconnected systems – in every “Sector of Society.”

Therefore, in order to “Build the New World,” humanity must quickly shift from imperialism to social democracy, from materialism to altruism, from a global war-system to a worldwide peace-system, from unsustainable environmental destruction to resilient organic networks, and from religious separation to the redeeming state of spiritual unity.

In sum, we must collectively move from fragmentation to holism … and fast!

This retreat offers seminars and exercises that cover every Sector of Society, using a modified “Wheel of Co-Creation” imagined by futurist and visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard. Attendees will hear from thought leaders and participate in exercises and ceremonies designed to inspire and empower the manifestation of the New World we all wish to see! Join people of good conscience and positive ACTION to learn how YOU can help bring about the needed Paradigm Shift.

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$ 250
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$ 150
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$ 200
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