The Vindication of Patience: 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment & Passage of Equal Rights Amendment | The Oracle Institute

The Vindication of Patience: 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment & Passage of Equal Rights Amendment

The Vindication of Patience
Event Description

Throughout HIStory and across cultures, women have been seen as second-class citizens in a world dominated by men. The struggle for equal rights has been long and hard, and while there have been many victories, the ultimate goal of true equality continues to elude us to this day.

This retreat will examine and celebrate the history of the Woman’s Suffrage Movement in America, passage of the 19th Amendment, and women voting for the first time in 2020 – just 100 years ago!  We also will explore the current challenges women face in America, such as ensuring continued protection of our Bodily Sovereignty and ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

In addition, we will learn how to tap into our Sacred Feminine as we live out our personal mission. Attendees will participate in classes, exercises, and sacred ceremonies that will empower us to leave with the tools needed to confidently promote Women’s Rights in our own lives, within the structures of government, and around the world. Ultimately, our goal will be to promote a more socially just and equal story for women – HERstory – with courage, compassion, and conviction!

Rev. Laura George
Judy Seay
Yvette Ladd
About Our Presenter(s)

Rev. Laura George, J.D. is the Executive Director of The Oracle Institute and author of the award-winning Oracle Foundational Trilogy. She is a retired attorney and an interfaith minister with experience in multiple spiritual paths. Laura is a fan of Ken Wilber (the “Einstein of Consciousness”), which led her to study and teach Spiral Dynamics and the Spectrum of Consciousness. A self-confessed “news junky,” Laura is appalled by the conspiracy theories shared by the far-right and far-left – both factions in America that are susceptible to “fake news.” Laura shares her birthday on October 2 with Mahatma Gandhi!  

Judy Seay fell in love with Virginia in 2004, when she hiked 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Judy now resides in Grayson County, VA, where she volunteers wherever her many talents are needed. Judy is a former small business owner, middle school teacher, and Texas government employee. Her 27-year career in Texas included work in the Civil Rights Division, where she improved social services for persons with disabilities. Since joining the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s, Judy has been active in social justice causes. Today, she sees Women’s Rights being undermined, as well as our representative democracy, and she focuses on ratification of the Equal Rights.

Yvette Ladd is a semi-retired pharmacist and works as a health and wellness mentor. She offers group classes in hatha yoga and fitness, one-on-one services for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy & Thai bodywork, and programs and retreats for life-enhancement. Her mission is to support others in recognizing and fully inhabiting their potential in health and well-being. Yvette believes this is possible when we have the resources available for self-study, service to others, and community support.

Event Schedule Detail

Day 1:

August 7

  • Arrival and Check-In
  • Welcome and Tour of Oracle Campus
  • Opening Ceremony
3:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Day 2:
August 8
  • Session 1: History of Women's Suffrage
  • Exercise
  • Session 2: Equal Rights Amendment
  • Exercise on Goddess Archetype
  • Session 3: Ressurection of the Sacred Feminine
  • Ceremony
9:30 am - 9:30 pm
Day 3:
August 9
  • Session 4: Knowing our Personal Mission
  • Closing Ceremony
9:30 am - 2:00 pm
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$ 100
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