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An Introduction to Islam:
With Taneem Aziz

Are you curious about this ancient religion? Would you like to learn the truth about the Prophet Muhammad and The Holy Quran? Then join us for an insightful class on the history of Islam and the Muslim Empire. Learn about the Five Pillars of Islam, the sacred Ka’aba, Sharia law, and Islam’s core message of spiritual unity.

Mr. Aziz was born in the area now known as Bangladesh and moved to the U.S. when he was 16 years old. He is the former President of the Muslim Community of Northeast Tennessee. He also is an avid photographer. Find out more here.

Islam Quick Facts:

  • Muslims consider The Holy Quran to be the last revelation of God
  • Muslims revere all the Jewish and Christian prophets and believe in the Virgin Mary
  • Muslims worship one God and, therefore, view the Trinity as a manmade concept
  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US