Eleanor LeCain

Eleanor LeCain

Eleanor LeCain, a leading expert in social entrepreneurship, is a speaker, writer and consultant on building a new America and a new world. With over 25 years experience in breakthrough solutions in a variety of fields, Ms. LeCain speaks about leadership and social innovation to emerging and established leaders around the world from Harvard and Yale University to Kyoto, Japan, Norway, Malaysia, Iceland, South Korea, and elsewhere.

Ms. LeCain is the author of Breakthrough Solutions: How to Improve Your Life and Change the World by Building on What Works with an Introduction by the Dalai Lama. The book demonstrates we have solutions to many of our challenges, and profiles breakthrough solutions in education, parenting, crime, relationships, conflict transformation, green jobs, and ending poverty. With a strong commitment to developing women’s leadership, she is the author of the Mayors Guide to Accelerating Gender Equality. Her articles have been published widely from the New York Times to the Boston Business Journal to Le Monde in Paris, France. She has been a guest commentator on numerous radio and television networks and hosts her own show, All Together Now, on PRN radio.

As a consultant, Ms. LeCain shows organizational and government leaders the transformational programs, people and principles that can improve results, save money, and strengthen families and communities. She expands the capacity of leaders to see new possibilities, strengthen leadership, and increase effectiveness by learning from the best of what’s working, building strong teams, and understanding the opportunities in this historic moment.

Ms. LeCain is currently President of The Breakthrough Way. Previously she served as Executive Director of Blueprint 2000 creating a strategic plan for the future of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts addressing every area of public policy. She also served as Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of State. Ms. LeCain spoke to the Kyoto Businessman’s Association in Japan on opportunities in green business. She designed and led a leadership seminar for women in Afghanistan, sponsored by Eve Ensler and the V-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls.

Ms. LeCain earned a degree in Economics from Yale University, and a degree in Law and Social Policy from the University of California Boalt Law School. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and daughter.