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Oracle is part of the “Planetary Mission” – a global project to network all the amazing organizations and people who are implementing evolutionary ideas, initiatives, and technologies. Oracle is building the Peace Pentagon HUB – along with the Peace Pentagon – to coordinate efforts in the Mid-Atlantic region: Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Join us and help build the New World.

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And you can help with an Oracle Campus Project too!

Hi, Rev. Jay Hurley here with a special message to all you Oracle friends and fans:

The Oracle Campus is a community project with global implications. Many hands are needed to see the job finished – and they don’t need to be local hands. Various projects can be done off-site and brought to the campus for installation. I live more than five hours north in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and I have built the lampposts, street signs, stained glass windows, and more from my workshop with the aid of a local college fraternity dedicated to building a better world.

I call these projects “Non-Local Construction.” Donating muscle is just as important as donating money. Next, we need to build 2 outhouses and 3 picnic tables for the new Oracle Campground. So please join me and help finish the Oracle Campus and the Peace Pentagon. As the lead building advisor at Oracle, you can contact me at:

Jay Finishing sign Post
Jay Finishing sign Post

Jay and some young whippersnappers from Shepherd College made the street signs and 2 lampposts then installed them at Oracle Campus.

We love you Jay!

Jay Finishing sign Post
Jay Finishing Window Frame

Jay hand-hewed, turned, and glued the wooden rims needed for the round stained-glass windows made by artist Sheila Brannan in West Virginia. Jay then installed this first window in the Great Hall of the Peace Pentagon.