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Eric Stetson

Eric Stetson

Eric Stetson is the founder of Grantcoin, the first blockchain-based currency distributed globally as a Universal Basic Income. Eric is Executive Director of the Grantcoin Foundation, the charitable nonprofit organization that manages the project and backs the value of Grantcoin with tax-exempt donations.

A native of Northern Virginia and graduate of the University of Virginia (Philosophy and Religious Studies, 2001), the Rev. Eric Stetson is also an ordained minister and author of two books about religion. In 2007, he founded the Christian Universalist Association with a team of thirteen ministers from six different denominations, and the CUA has become the largest and most diverse Christian organization teaching God’s unconditional love and universal salvation. Today, Eric identifies as a Unitarian Universalist and draws inspiration from a wide variety of spiritual and philosophical traditions.

Eric’s spiritual background and strong humanitarian beliefs inspire his work in the alternative currency movement. He founded Grantcoin on the principle that all people should have a universal human right to equal access to money whenever it is created and issued into circulation, to help combat the growing inequality of wealth and lift billions of people out of poverty.

Eric works as an organizational development consultant and social media manager for nonprofit organizations. He is also a book editor at Oracle Institute Press and lives in the Valley of Light intentional community in the mountains of southwestern Virginia.