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Light the Way for Peace!

The Peace Pentagon is a training center for progressive and pluralistic programs, and a wisdom center that spans cultures and creeds. Located along the New River in the Blue Ridge Mountains, this 8,000 sq. ft. facility brings together people of good conscience, positive influence, and ACTION!

For the past five years, a single sheet of plexiglass has protected the top of the Peace Pentagon, but this temporary solution is failing. We need to install the permanent Skylight – a critical element that will enhance the interior sacred space and enlighten all who visit our teaching campus.

Help "CROWN" the Peace Pentagon

The Peace Pentagon was designed to European PassivHause standards – the highest green construction method in the world. And the Skylight will be made by Lamilux, a PassivHaus company.

This video of a Lamilux skylight illustrates how our custom Skylight will be designed, created, and installed

Peace pentagon - Aerial View With Skylight

On the 4th of July - Independence Day - we made a $12,500 (50%) deposit on the Skylight with existing funds from our operating budget.

With your help, we’ll raise the balance of $12,500 by the 18th Anniversary of 9/11, and install the Skylight as an eternal symbol of worldwide peace and spiritual unity.


$12,500 Needed for the Skylight - Please make a Donation TODAY!


Join Us for the Re-dedication Ceremony

The Skylight will take approximately 2 months to design and build.

If possible, we will schedule the installation for October 2, to commemorate the 150th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948) - a true Avatar of Peace.

Peace pentagon - New River View

After the Skylight is installed, Donors will be invited to a Rededication Ceremony.

The sacred space in the Peace Pentagon will be cleansed and recommitted to the principle of Satyagraha (“Truth Force”) – Gandhi’s practice of nonviolent civil resistance.

You also can Receive a GIFT with Your Donation

"CROWN" the Peace Pentagon and help Shift the Paradigm

Peace pentagon - Drawing Front

The world is on the brink of a major paradigm shift, and it remains to be seen whether we are moving into a more utopian or dystopian future.

The Peace Pentagon was built to ensure a positive future for humanity. And the Skylight is the apex of this amazing structure – a supernal spiral for manifesting Truth, Love, and Light!

Peace pentagon - Drawing - Rear