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Oracle Updates - October 2015

Oracle Updates - October 2015

Oracle Attends the Parliament of the World's Religions

Building the New World: Ground Zero in The Valley of Light

Rev. Laura M. George, J.D.

I will never forget the day Thomas Jefferson called me on the telephone. I was enjoying an exalted state of synchronicity – a stage, according to Archbishop Desmond Tutu, when God sends regular "sweets" to help us remember our soul assignment.

Slaughtering the Old Government and Building the New World

Yesterday was a slaughter for Democrats. Republicans now control the Senate, the House, and most statewide governorships and assemblies. How can this be when the Republicans (more so than the Democrats) are controlled by billionaires, corporations, and climate change deniers? Will we ever stop voting against our interest - and the interest of our communities?

Yogaville and Code Pink … and never the Twain Shall Meet!


Code Pink and the Peace Pentagon

Make Out Not War

Help Build the New World (

Recently, Oracle joined with Radford University, the World Constitution and Parliament Association, the Federation of Damanhur, PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory), and many other co-sponsors around the world to develop the “Building the New World” conference (BTNW), which will take place at Radford University in May 2015.

So why blog about BTNW now, when the event is more than a year away? Because this is going to be HUGE … assuming you do your part to help.

Oracle Update - December 2013

Tribute to Oberto “Falco” Airaudi, Founder of Damanhur

Oberto "Falco" Airaudi
1950 - 2013

First Solstice Ceremony at the Peace Pentagon

On June 21, 2013, the Unitarian Universalist Community of Independence (UUCI) held its regularly scheduled (3rd Friday of the month) service at the Peace Pentagon. The basement of the Peace Pentagon – the exterior pentagon – is now fully framed and the main floor is installed. So we were able to meet where the actual chapel – the interior pentagon – soon will be built!

Oracle Teams with and Bill McKibben

A group of residents gathered at The Oracle Institute on Sunday, April 21, to take part in Earth Night, a national event that organized over 1000 screenings and house-parties to premier a new climate change documentary called "Do The Math." The documentary follows Bill McKibben, an environmental author and the founder of the international climate campaign, on the 21-city tour that helped spark a new fossil fuel divestment campaign that is sweeping the nation.


Oracle Update: December 2013