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Noel Marshall and Bob Warner

Noel Marshall & Bob Warner

Noel Marshall and Bob Warner are husband and wife "LightPartners." They dedicate their energy to supporting people, projects, and communities that embody and enhance the Light of Humanity. Noel and Bob love connecting those who are in the process of "remembering" that their purpose on Earth is to love, grow, and evolve spiritually. They believe that as Humanity makes conscious choices from a place of love, co-creates with Spirit, and cooperates with Nature, we will collectively evolve a World that works for everyone.

Noel has traveled far from her native farm in Maryland where she was raised with her 14 siblings. After receiving her Ph.D., Noel focused on Bob's career. Upon Bob’s retirement, the couple awoke to a calling as “Planetary Activists,” and they now campaign for Humanity's awakening by teaching, demonstrating, and encouraging the flame of truth and sovereignty in themselves and others.

Bob "rewired" a 37-year career as an aviation association executive with a limited belief of self, choosing to move forward as a conscious Evolutionary. His multi-year transition to a more awakened state came through personal empowerment work, spiritual liberation, and an expanded worldview. Since 2010, he and Noel have been on a Consciously Evolving Road directed by Spirit in sacred service to humanity and the planet.

Since 2010, Noel and Bob have traveled and lived full-time in their RV-home – the “Mobile Turtle Hut of Consciousness.” They are co-founders and stewards of the Co-Creators Convergence community and assist a variety of charities and non-profit organizations:

Noel and Bob have a website that further details their work: And they can be reached at: