2nd Friday of each Month
Mar 10, 2017 thru October 13, 2017
6:30 – 7:30 pm - Pot-Luck Dinner
7:30 – 9:30 pm - Oracle Oratorio

The Oracle Institute
88 Oracle Way
Independence, Virginia 24348

Suggestion Donation: $5.00

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The Oracle Oratorio

At the Oracle Temple of Melchizedek

A Multi-Faith Church
In the Valley of Light Community

Join us in raising our voices and our spirits at the Oracle Temple, a new church that was launched in January 2015 by The Oracle Institute for the Valley of Light micro-community and the public.

The Oracle Oratorio will be a recurring event on the second Friday of each month. We will embark on a multi-cultural vocal adventure, which will include American folk songs and diverse traditions.

Familiar songs will be made new,
And new songs will be made familiar.

So help us create “Musical Medicine” and sow "Seeds of Song." Along the way, we'll practice creative listening and harmonic integration.

All voices are welcome:
If you can talk you can sing!