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Over the past few years, change has inevitably affected the relationship you have with yourselves and your partner. Kids, work, household maintenance, and a pandemic can get in the way of you two deeply connecting. Life moves fast. What if, for three days, you and your partner were able to rekindle this fire, and deepen this connection to each other?

Join couple Melissa and Michael to experience what it means to deepen your relationship through spirituality, nature, and many proven relationship strengthening activities.

Michael Malles and Melissa Baker

Michael Malles is a life-long musician, talented vegan chef and student of the yoga traditions.  His journey has led him from time as a monk in the ashrams of the Hare Krishna movement to raising a family with conscious principles.  He lives with his family in Gainesville, Florida where he is a full-time dad, yoga teacher and ayurvedic cook.  Michael’s musical style incorporates his skill with guitar, violin and percussion to create an ambient, uplifting vibration.  Michael seeks to combine ancient ideas and practices with modern knowledge to help people create a more integrated and satisfying lifestyle.

Melissa Baker is a Certified Health Educator, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher, and Digital Wellness Advocate. Her mission My mission is to guide individuals to connect, understand, and realize the truth that lies within their inner technology, so they can live authentically. Melissa has taught at various locations around the United States, including the University of Florida and the Redwoods in California. Melissa and Michael's classes have brought healing and connection to many people through their workshops and classes. 

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