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The Earth Constitution and the New Human
Speech by Rev. Laura George, J.D. at the 15th Provisional World Parliament

My name is Rev. Laura George, and I am speaking to you from The Oracle Institute campus in Independence, Virginia. I seek nothing short of a Spiritual Revolution and proclaim from the Peace Pentagon that Unity in Diversity is achievable under the Earth Constitution, which was specifically designed to manifest this sacred objective.

Let us be mindful that all successful revolutions are predicated on a spiritual proposition. Social Justice icons Elizabeth Caty Stanton, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree, as would Spiritual Leaders such as Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and our dearly departed Distinguished Advisor Swami Agnivesh. All New Humans share this yearning.

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Currently, we stand at the dawn of a New Paradigm – an unprecedented era of holism, interconnection, and synthesis. The Evolutionary Impulse assists us in this holy quest, helping turn yesterday’s Tower of Babel into a glorious Tower of Truth.

Slowly but surely, we are witnessing the marriage of Science, Spirituality, and Socialism. The time has come to ratify the Earth Constitution, a storied and elegant template for Uniting the People of Earth.

What skeptics calls a Coincidence, initiates call a Sign, and believers call a Miracle.

Are my words mere fantasy? Don’t we face unprecedented challenges that might topple our Tower of Truth and end the Human Experiment? Yes, a dark form of Globalization also is possible, and many futurists would say probable.

Some say the Religion of Tomorrow will not be a more advanced, global Humanism, but a dystopian, simulated world of Dataism:

  • A belief that technology and corporatocracy already have usurped freedom and democracy – bought it in fact;
  • That the pursuit of godlike power by depraved billionaires already has won the day.
  • That we are blind and beleaguered to the point of pledging allegiance to a new God – the “internet-of-all-things”; and
  • That instead of synthesizing knowledge, we will bow down to a synthetic database and computer algorithms which operate like an omniscient God, knowing us better than we know ourselves.

I reject this suicidal view of Globalization, though I comprehend its seductive power. Like any cult, Dataism promises unrestricted access to all information, similar to the Biblical “Tree of Knowledge.” And it tempts us to seek trans-human then post-human immortality from a mythical “Tree of Everlasting Life.”

Consequently, crazed futurists like Ray Kurzweil predict that New Humans will replace the Cosmic Commandment “All is One” with “Singularity” – a twisted vision of Unification: Where democratic governance and human rights are relegated to quaint, obsolete concepts. Where we relinquish free will and self-determination to Artificial Intelligence and the perverse men who will try – but fail – to control the Frankenstein they’ve created. Such is the nefarious and fatal timeline these madmen are charting.

Yes, futurists on Team Dark are drug dealers who push data-addiction and virtual reality, while futurists on Team Light such as Ervin Laszlo decode our organic connection to the very fabric of the Universe – what scientists call the Unified Field, what Teilhard de Chardin named the Noosphere, and what the great mystics identify as the Akashic Field.

I believe the Evolutionary Impulse favors Team Light, of which everyone here at this Parliament is a member. The God Game, as I like to call it, contains all possibilities within a limitless spectrum of polarity and duality. God may seem detached, as in the Deism of the Great Clockmaker who stays neutral and uninvolved. But the Creator is far from impartial, clearly seeding life and selecting evolution over extinction.

It is true that the God Game encompasses an inherent life-death-life cycle. Yet, it also contains a default mode and a preference for creation over destruction, for complexity over chaos, and for Truth, Love, and Light over ignorance, hatred, and evil. New Humans know they are Guardians of this Planet who share One Destiny – which is to conquer polarity in its most extreme forms and anchor Unity Consciousness.

Because the Earth Constitution consecrates the Planetary Commons and sanctifies the Collective Good, corporations and banks are not granted human rights, they cannot vote, their money isn’t speech, and they are kept in line via multiple checks and balances that well exceed outdated Antitrust Laws.

Yes, what skeptics calls a Coincidence, initiates call a Sign, and believers call a Miracle.

And to my Sisters and our Daughters I say: This planet WILL embrace the Law of Gender – a universal precept that decrees parity and proper balance. Sociologist Riane Eisler, who authored the groundbreaking book The Challis and the Blade, calls this the paradigm of “Partnerism” – a Culture of Peace in which men and women share power and responsibility.

Similarly, a healthy view of the Godhead includes awareness of both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles. The Chinese refer to this as Yin/Yang or the Duality of Nature. To mystics, the male Yang essence constitutes the Creative force and “Could Do” energy. The feminine Yin aspect is the Wisdom force – also known as Sophia, Holy Shekinah, or Holy Spirit – and it represents what we “Should Do.

For example, we could spend a trillion dollars saving banks deemed “too big to fail” (then fail to jail any of the Wall Street tycoons who committed global financial fraud). Or perhaps we should use those same resources to provide universal health and childcare. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “There can be no keener revelation of a Society’s Soul than the way in which it treats its Children.”

By failing to balance what we “Could Do” with what we “Should Do,” masculine energy has run amuck since the Industrial Age ... to our great peril and impoverishment. Capitalism is a Zero Sum Game with winners and losers, and “Trickle-Down Reaganomics” is a farce. The result is the greatest theft of wealth in human history. However, The Oracle Institute’s “Trickle-Down-Deity Theory” is factual and naturally flows from our collective concept of the Godhead. If we view God as a guy-in-the-sky or the internet-of-all-things, we will never eradicate misogyny, racism, poverty, and the other inequities that stem from Patriarchy.

Today, New Humans view God as the ground-of-all-being. We know history, her-story, and our story are all eternally embedded in the timelessness of the Akashic Records. Thankfully, the Earth Constitution was designed to tap both masculine ingenuity and feminine wisdom. Such creativity and compassion lie in the hearts and souls of all good men and women.

So, how does the Earth Constitution help us achieve proper balance in the secular sphere? To begin with, a new branch of government – the ingenious House of Counselors – fulfills the role of feminine “Should Do” energy. This body, comprised of international scholars and indigenous elders, will inspire us when we face tough choices and difficult decisions

Second, the power of the Presidium – usually considered an energetically masculine role – is shared among five elected leaders from five continents. This Executive Branch design limits the dark side of masculine energy – what Friedrich Nietzsche recklessly glorified as the “Will to Power” and which can lead to Autocracy, Fascism, and ultimately Nihilism.

Third, Presidential powers also are limited by the House of Peoples and House of Nations, with sole authority to pass law. Gone are the impulsive and misguided Executive Orders emanating from the mind of one man. Instead, principles of System Design and Sociocracy form the bedrock of the Earth Constitution.

As a result, Global Democracy is born from the marriage of masculine and feminine ideals. Justice is achieved because we have the framework to govern both creatively and wisely. Synergy and holism are realized, because New Humans recognize that individual freedom and the collective good are interdependent and mutually assured.

In this way, the Evolutionary Impulse and Earth Constitution produce miraculous results:

  • Contemporary Revelations of Love supplant ancient Prophecies of Armageddon;
  • Cooperation eclipses Competition;
  • Authentic Partnerism subdues Patriarchal privilege;
  • World Citizenship overtakes National allegiance; and
  • Oneness transcends Singularity.

Ultimately, it is revealed for posterity that the God Game is not a Zero Sum Game because a federated planet under the Earth Constitution yields win-win solutions that are greater than the sum of its parts. We achieve Unity in Diversity ... and we are one step closer to Utopia.

What skeptics calls a Coincidence, initiates call a Sign, and believers call a Miracle.