The Earth Constitution Solution:
Design for a Living Planet

by Glen T. Martin Ph.D. - Foreword by Ellen H. Brown, J.D.

Earth Constitution Solution

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Unite as One Planet or Perish

In 1648, the Peace Treaty of Westphalia established our current system of sovereign nation-states that allows countries to ignore international law and exploit people and planetary resources within their borders. Thus, Brazil has the “right” to destroy the Amazon Forest – the “lungs of Earth.” For centuries, great minds have pondered how to design a new system for our Living Planet, one that promotes a global consciousness.

“The human race will cease to exist unless a world government capable of enforcing world law is established by peaceful means. ... The choice is indeed between one world or none."

~ Albert Einstein

Creativity Overcomes Crisis

After World War II, an esteemed group of scholars and jurists designed the Earth Constitution as a holistic solution for the global crises we face: climate change, war, inequality, and injustice. The Earth Constitution is a concrete and creative plan that saves what is working from the U.N. goals to ensure peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability for humanity. Learn about the Earth Federation Movement and become a World Citizen!

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Creativity and Crisis Podcast

Join author Glen Martin to learn more about the Earth Federation Movement at his weekly Creativity and Crisis Podcast. Listen to interviews with luminaries such as Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Green Party General Secretary Dr. B. Sidney Smith, President of Citizens for Global Solutions Dr. Bob Flax, and President of the Democratic World Federalists Dr. Roger Kotila

The Podcast tackles global problems such as climate change and inequality of wealth. Dr. Martin and his guests offer creative ideas on how to build the world we seek – a world that honors Unity in Diversity, protects our Living Planet, and promotes Global Consciousness.

Acclaim for The Earth Constitution Solution: Design for a Living Planet

“The achievement of Glen Martin’s Earth Constitution Solution would mark a milestone in humankind’s evolution into a true planetary species.”

~ Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, and Founder of the Club of Budapest and Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research

“The Earth Constitution Solution is a deep dive into environmental design ... covering new findings ... and addressing more revolutionary ideas. The author makes it clear a big change is taking place, and for those interested, this book has the answers.”

~ Manhattan Book Review

“The Earth Constitution Solution is a guide for current and future action, and Glen Martin outlines the world structures needed to ensure the rights and common good of all humanity. This book is a vital presentation of the avenues to transcend the current geopolitical, conflictual structures toward a world society in which individuals can develop their full potential.”

~ Rene Wadlow, President of the Association of World Citizens and Professor Emeritus at Graduate Institute of Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland

“The Earth Constitution Solution is a comprehensive and irrefutable argument for an Earth Constitution that should be compulsory reading for all the presidents and prime ministers of the world – preferably as a preparation for a new international convention on a world constitution to replace the obsolete U.N. Charter. Such a convention should be held before the world's injustices, inequalities, nationalisms, religions and climate change all combine to create the conditions that trigger the next world war.”

~ Ian Hackett, Co-Founder of the World Federalist Party and former Chair of the UK Association of World Federalists

"The Earth Constitution Solution is an essential guidebook for everyone seeking to transcend tribalism and unite humanity through democratic world federation. The world administration advocated by this book and the Earth Constitution is the most complete depiction of what united humanity could look like."

~ Eston McKeague, President of the Young World Federalists

The Earth Constitution Solution has arrived just when our world needs it the most. Every page of this extremely informative, profound and illuminating book offers us seminal wisdom that will guide our generation into a new Age of Holism. Ratifying the Earth Constitution will help lead the way into this magnificent new era for our beloved Planet Earth, all beings in our vast ecosystem and future generations that deserve a beautiful, thriving, and life-affirming home.”

~ Diane Williams, Founder of The Source of Synergy Foundation and the U.N. NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values, and Global Concerns (NY)

The Earth Constitution Solution has the potential to become a classic, as it proclaims the ‘Big Idea’ using academic theory and practice at the highest level of excellence and thoroughness. In arguing for the Earth Constitution, Professor Martin’s logic rivals the famous Federalist Papers, drafted to gain support for the U.S. Constitution.”

~ Roger Kotila, Ph.D., President of the Democratic World Federalists, Board Member at the Center for U.N. Constitutional Research, and Editor of Earth Federation News & Views

“Carl Jung said the way to wholeness is comprised of inevitable detours and even wrong turnings but a snake-like path that ultimately unites opposites. I think the journey to an Earth Constitution will be much the same. Let the conversation begin!”

~ Kurt Johnson, Ph.D., Founder of the Interspiritual Network, co-host of The Convergence series on Voice America, and author of Fine Lines, The Coming Interspiritual Age, and Our Moment of Choice

“The Earth Constitution Solution is an important contribution to the most critical story of our time, the movement toward genuine Earth Unity.”

~ Ben Bowler, Executive Director of Unity Earth

“The Earth Constitution – like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – provides a framework for peaceful and just human interaction. Transcending those historic legal documents, the Earth Constitution explains how we, as world citizens, can sustainably interact with the Earth and begin to govern our world as one human family."

~ David Gallup, Esq., President of World Service Authority and Convener of the World Court of Human Rights Coalition

Glen T. Martin, Ph.D.

About Glen T. Martin, Ph,D.

Glen T. Martin, Ph.D., is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Radford University, President of the International Philosophers for Peace, Executive Director of the Earth Constitution Institute (ECI), and President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA). ECI and WCPA are cooperating worldwide organizations that sponsor the Constitution for the Federation of Earth and organize sessions of the Provisional World Parliament. Dr. Martin travels and lectures worldwide on behalf of the Earth Constitution and the philosophical foundations of emerging world law and the development of a binding world court system.

While attending college in 1960s, Dr. Martin declared himself a conscientious objector and thereby began his lifelong criticism of and resistance to the dominant world system of militarized sovereign nation-states and growth-based, exploitive capitalism. He has philosophically developed an alternative world federalist vision of planetary peace and justice based on the Earth Constitution. Today, Dr. Martin has received several international peace awards, including the Gusi Peace Prize International (2013). He has published hundreds of articles concerning freedom, peace, human rights, and sustainability, and he is the author of a dozen books.

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