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Iran and the Law of Gender

Iran Law of Gender

The women in Iran are beyond brave.   
As are the men who support them, including the Iranian World Cup soccer team.

This 3-month civil resistance movement began after the police murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was charged with violating the medieval Muslim dress code.

Below is a quick summary of the courage demonstrated by the members of this non-violent resistance movement:

Over a head scarf?

For those who have not studied Islam, the Quran suggests that women cover their “bosom” as a safeguard against the unbridled testosterone of 7th Century men. It was Sharia law – composed and imposed after the prophet Muhammad died – that institutionalized the head scarf or “hijab.” And that was over 1,000 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

And yet, much has not changed. Religious fundamentalists, including Christian Evangelicals, still subscribe to Daddy Deism – a childish belief that God is literally a guy in the sky or a deity imbued only with masculine characteristics (and foibles).

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For those who are further along their spiritual journey and who have reached Second Tier on the Spectrum of Consciousness, a systems view is attainable – a much higher perspective from which to evaluate the current chaos. Only then does it become possible to see the root cause of our suffering: Humanity has yet to learn the Law of Gender.

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Oracle’s Trickle-Down Deity theory posits that nearly all of the front-line woes we are witnessing stem from a Godhead that is out of balance. For millennia, the Sacred Feminine was abandoned ... but no more. The women in Iran are teaching the Law of Gender and they will prevail.

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