Oracle Temple Talk: The Role of Two Democracies In Building A Better Human Civilization


Oracle Temple is a multi-faith church in Independence, VA. Each Temple Talk features a guest speaker and a theme for us to explore by engaging in high-level discussion and spiritual reflection.

Foundation of US democracy: Government of the People, By the People, For the People Richest country in the world. Yet, most people live unhappy life. Why? 

Foundation of Indian democracy: Non-violence and Sarvodaya (Welfare of All).
Yet most people live exploited unhappy life. Why? 

Thinkers and policy makers in both countries need to do a lot of soul-searching. Uncontrolled militarism, narrow nationalism, religious fanaticism and economic exploitation of the many by the few are the main reasons. Youth must be encouraged to think GLOBALLY and work HUMANISTICALLY.  We need to promote ideas of EARTH FEDERATION & GLOBAL GOVERNMENT. Commitment to economic justice, social equality and spirituality should be the basis of all social organizations. 

E.P. Menon is an author and global peace activist. For three years (1962-1965), he conducted a Global Peace March and walked from New Delhi to Moscow, Paris, London, Washington, Tokyo and Hiroshima, protesting militarism and demanding nuclear disarmament. He wrote a book about the march entitled Footprints on Friendly Roads, and another seven books about his peace work. 

Sri Menon was a faculty member and later Director of the Friends World College. He set up the India Development Foundation for educating and training poor women and youth in India. He also is associated with numerous international peace organizations, including the Gandhi Peace Foundation, Indo-Soviet Cultural Society, India-Pakistan Friendship Society, World Council of Peace, World Federalist Movement, and Earth Constitution Institute.

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