Spirituality Salon: Holy Wow Cacao

Mat Chandler

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Please join us the 2nd Friday of the month for the Oracle Temple Spirituality Salon. 

Every month, members of Oracle Temple gather to explore a new spiritual theme. Topics range from perennial truths to indigenous wisdom, esoterica, and New Age theosophies. With new guest speakers each month, we engage in a spirited discussion to learn more about ourselves, each other, and God.

This month's theme is Holy Wow Cacao. Our guest speaker is going to show how to combine your spirituality with your business goals.

Mat Chandler grew up in the small town, Sebastian, Florida. After getting his Bachelor’s and Master of Architecture and a Master's in Entrepreneurship, he went on to be the first full-time director of The Infinity Fab Lab at the University, growing it into a laboratory that served thousands of students and clients, and houses millions of dollars in digital fabrication equipment such as lasers, 3-D printers and more. 

Upon the death of his mother, he got the message, that nothing will be sustainable unless you are passionate about what you do and can really feel how it serves others in a deep way. Thus, he created Aurora Healing Arts and left the architectural and academic world for pursuits of merging dharma into his means for making a living. He did this for about 5 years and soon followed an intuitive guidance to leave the states and start the next chapter of where he is now, with a passion for Cacao...

The world of Cacao continues to show up in many ways for all of us.
We can dance and sing, practice yoga and meditation, or have a powerful Mayan fire ceremony.
As his path with this heart medicine has grown over the years, he has found from past experience that he continues to come back to one simple yet powerful way to work with Cacao in a communal setting... Through simple, structured, ceremonial, heart-sharing circles; centered around honesty, integrity, and Cacao.

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