Oracle Temple Talk: What We Believe

Temple Talk - May 2023

For the past two years since the covid outbreak, Oracle Temple has been hosting virtual gatherings. Now, we are ready to resume our monthly in-person Temple Talks and we hope you will join us!

With a clean canvass before us, we feel we should start with the basics:

  • What does our church stand for and believe in?
  • Is multi-faith worship the “religion” of the future?
  • Are people ready for an “esoteric” church that promotes primordial wisdom (like Hermeticism and Gnosticism) and a 21st Century blend of science and spirituality?
  • Should our church start a "Mystery School" for those who seek a deeper dive?

We also will explain why Oracle Temple is prepared to defend female bodily autonomy in Grayson County, given the proposed “Unborn Sanctuary” Ordinance. See Rev. Laura's letter to the Galax Gazette. Also see the Oracle Temple Women of Faith & Fury campaign.

For this Oracle Temple reboot, we will start with a dinner in Oracle Campground:

  • We will host a meet & greet and potluck dinner @ 6:00 at our outdoor kitchen pavilion.
  • Followed by a sacred fire and Temple Talk @ 7:30 at the Kogi Kiva fire pit.
  • Below is a map of Oracle Campus. Please park in the large parking lot near the Peace Pentagon.
  • And please bring your favorite dish to share!


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