Temple Talk: “Abortion Beliefs and the Spectrum of Consciousness”

Valerie Tarico

Oracle Temple is a multi-faith church in Independence, VA. Each Temple Talk features a guest speaker and a theme for us to explore by engaging in high-level discussion and spiritual reflection.

In this Temple Talk, we will examine the moral spectrum, from actions that are forbidden to actions that are obligations, and where abortion fits for individuals along that spectrum from the standpoint of their own internal spiritual values—and how our public conversations don’t align with these internal spiritual values and decisions. 

We often think of abortion access as a women’s rights issue—freedom from forced childbearing. This is an important conversation:  Early Abrahamic texts encode women as reproductive chattel, and fragments of this view are embedded deeply in our culture, even parts that are secular.  But the benefits of abortion cascade in many ways through the lives of families and our broader society.  With fundamentalism wielding the levers of political power, what can you do to help ensure that prospective parents are empowered to decide when and whether to create a child, and with whom?  We all have the power to help create a norm of chosen childbearing and parenthood. 

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Valerie Tarico, Ph.D. is a psychologist in Seattle, Washington.  Raised in Evangelical fundamentalism, she is author of Trusting Doubt:  A former Evangelical looks at old beliefs in a new light.  Her articles about fundamentalist religion, the role of women in society, reproductive rights, and contraceptive technologies have appeared across the internet and can be found in her archive at ValerieTarico.com. 

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