Temple Talk: Reflections on Current Culture with American Icon Will Rogers

August Temple Talk - Steve McAlphabet as Will Rogers

Oracle Temple is a multi-faith church that meets the third Friday of the month at Oracle Campus in Independence, VA. This month, the Temple Talk theme is: “Reflections on Current Culture with America Icon Will Rogers.” 

“Will Rogers” will be the guest speaker, played by actor Steve McAlphebet, who also is a singer, author, and movie producer. Steve’s film about Will Rogers is entitled “The Road To Will” (see: www.stevemc.xyz). And like Will Rogers, Steve lovingly reports: “I’ve never met a man (or a woman) I didn’t like.” 

Steve will perform a standup routine as Will Rogers, and then regale the Temple congregation with original songs. Afterward, there will be a circle discussion and sharing of spiritual reflections on the core message of the beloved Will Rogers: We are ALL one! 

And, please join us after the program for dessert and other refreshments and mingling!

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