Oracle Temple Talk: Our Vulnerable Selves in Freedom’s Fight!

Rev Zack

Oracle Temple is a multi-faith church in Independence, VA. Each Temple Talk features a guest speaker and a theme for us to explore by engaging in high-level discussion and spiritual reflection.

In this Temple Talk, we will explore the Historical Crisis before us and how to know and project when extremes become a divide. Our guest speaker will be Rev. Robert "Zack" Zachary.

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Robert ‘Zack’ Zachary was born in Anniston, Alabama, both chronologically and geographically close to the onset of the great Civil Rights Movement.  His hometown was the site of several conflicts over the three decades.  His life long commitment to activism began at 11 when he entered the Civil Rights Movement. Zack had the extreme honor of meeting Martin L. King Jr at age fifteen. He continued his studies on freedom through college, in the military and throughout Europe.

Zack is an Independent Chaplain, an Inspirational Poet, Storyteller, Vocalist, Visionary and Activist. He endeavors to  combine life, music, poetry, history and storytelling in his presentations, lectures and concerts; with a positive and holistic perspective on how we will win our fight for freedom, justice and peace. Zack established the Healing Love Institute to be a worldwide community collective of like-minded people for the purpose of mentoring and encouraging development of these subjects into purpose and reality.

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