Submitted by Alisha Watkins on Wed, 10/12/2022 - 1:28 pm

Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Destiny!

Hello everyone, today I would like to touch on the idea of limiting beliefs. We all carry around the voice of our loved ones and friends in our minds, mostly as encouragement, but sometimes others beliefs can seep into your mind and cause friction. The main limiting belief that I see on a large scale in people, is the feeling that they are not worthy. Worthy of love, respect, an abundant life ... and the list goes on.  Where would an idea like this be implanted in a person? Childhood?

Psychologists and science have now proven that the first seven years of a person’s life are the most important for mental development. At such a young age, we all are sponges soaking up all that we see, hear, feel and taste. Children seem fearless and courageous. They believe they can achieve anything, no matter how nonsensical the plan. That burning passion in children is a piece of our soul’s essence. That piece never leaves us, it only gets buried under limiting beliefs. Doubt, fear, rejection and abuse are the main causes for passion to die.

Some children before the age of seven experience hardship that an adult could not handle. These mental and physical strains cause our brains to operate in survival mode. The saddest part of this, is that most people never come out of survival mode. The mechanisms we used to protect ourselves as children and young adults become etched in our brain as “the only way to survive.” In other words, we see life though broken lenses.

Once a person realizes that survival will never lead to fulfillment, then something changes: they begin to search for ways to fulfill the aching in their soul. Most people reach for an understanding on a deeper level which leads them to religion or spirituality. Some retreat further into their darkness, and some never find a way out. These limiting beliefs can take over someone’s psyche and actually block blessings and opportunities from flowing in. We all know that everything is energy. When someone learns to take a limiting or negative belief, dissect it, study it and find the root of the problem, they have learned to transmute!

However, just finding the root will not solve the problem. Work must be done to change the outlook on the particular topic, and consistent affirmations and new actions will create an entirely new path! When people say, “life is what you make it,” this is exactly what they mean. Your thoughts create your reality. Your choices, your beliefs and the actions you take are the real keys to unlocking your full potential.

Step by step you can uplift yourself from negative feelings and beliefs. Just like anything else in life, the more you practice, the better you will become. Learning to study yourself will help you overcome hardship and stay in a positive field of energy. Once you are in a positive, uplifting energy field, life will start to unfold for you. Transmutation of the mind is really the key to life. Control your thoughts, control your destiny! 

Until next time

-Alisha Watkins