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Over ten years of research went into The Light: And the New Human, and extensive cites are in the chapter endnotes. So when you buy The Light in e-book format, you also receive LIVE links to my research that supports the book’s primary thesis: New Humans are highly conscious upgrades who are building a New World!

The Light e-book also contains fun links – videos, songs, and even cartoons – that drive points home. Here are some of the LIVE links that take the reader directly to my research:

  • New Humans know the difference between a REAL conspiracy like 9/11, and fake news intended to separate and confuse us. This e-book link is to a video produced by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and narrated by Ed Asner:
Five Paradigms
  • New Humans also know the difference between the “Fifth Spiritual Paradigm” (the next stage of our collective evolution) and goofy New Age coopting of the scientific term “Fifth Dimension.” The e-book links to a fabulous 5-D video, Imagining the Fifth Dimension:
Hermetic Laws
  • We’ve integrated the first Law of the Universe – Gender – and we counter misogyny. We also get the second law – Cause & Effect – because we grok the complexity of collective karma. We know that ALL of us are co-creating the future and that there are no “accidents,” as stunningly shown via a link to the “Accident” scene in the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button:
  • Yes, New Humans are ascending the Spectrum of Consciousness and we’re in service to humanity. As this e-book link to a JP Sears video makes clear, being “Ultra-Spiritual” means evolving beyond New Age narcissism:
Spectrum Triangle
  • And for SECOND TIER New Humans, The Light acknowledges how hard it is to live on the same planet with those who don’t understand the existential threats facing humanity. It is both a blessing and a burden to be fully aware, as shown in this e-book link to the “Smartest Person” scene in the movie Broadcast News:

I hope you will get The Light in e-book format when it comes out.
And here are the links to purchase the paperback:

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