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The Charter for Compassion

Karen Armstrong, former nun and one of my all-time heroes, has won an award for her lifetime achievements from TED (stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design):

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Armstrong made a “wish” – that people all over the world would help her compose a “Charter for Compassion.” 

This is the video of her acceptance speech. I encourage all pursuers of Truth, Love, and Light to view this video, as it contains her beautiful explanation of what “spirituality” means and the difference between spirituality and man-made religion:

On November 12, 2009, the Charter for Compassion was unveiled. It was crafted by people from all over the world and drafted by a multi-faith, multi-national council which seeks to change the conversation so that compassion becomes a key word in public and private discourse. The Charter makes clear that any ideology that breeds hatred or contempt – whether religious or secular – fails the test of 21st Century compassion. "It is not simply a statement of principle; it is above all a summons to creative, practical and sustained action to meet the political, moral, religious, social and cultural problems of our time." Here is the link to the Charter for Compassion:

I have registered The Oracle Institute as a supporter of the Charter for Compassion, since I feel it is perfectly aligned with our Mission of promoting religious freedom and spiritual evolution. I invite you to periodically check the Charter website as its following grows …

May we blessed to live in a time when all people experience and express alignment with this simple religion of love.