Discerning Truth in a Post-Truth World: How to Navigate the Spectrum of Consciousness

Post Truth World

According to Gandhi, “Truth is perhaps the most important name of God. In fact, it is more correct to say that Truth is God than to say God is truth.” Unfortunately, in a world full of “fake news,” Russian trolls, marketing tricks, social media, and other online absurdities, how can we know that what we see on the internet or hear on the nightly news is actually true? And once we discern the Truth, what can we do to help ourselves, our confused friends, and the world?

This VIRTUAL retreat will explore confirmation bias, identify filters, group-think, propaganda, conspiracy theories, healthy skepticism, and the difference between relative versus objective Truth. Attendees will have the opportunity to fine tune their “truth barometers” and learn to discern the real from the unreal, leaving them empowered to utilize Truth for the betterment of humanity.

Valerie Tarico, Ph.D.
Rev. Laura George, J.D.

Valerie Tarico, Ph.D. is the award-winning author of Trusting Doubt: A Former Evangelical Looks at Old Beliefs in a New Light and Deas and Other Imaginings, a children’s book of universal wisdom tales. She also is a regular journalist for Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Truth-Out. Valerie is a former Christian fundamentalist and holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. Trusting that “All Truth is God’s Truth,” Valerie committed to follow her spiritual questions wherever they might lead, and today she is a happy atheist. To learn more about Valerie, visit www.ValerieTarico.com

Rev. Laura George, J.D. is the Executive Director of The Oracle Institute and author of the award-winning Oracle Foundational Trilogy. She is a retired attorney and an interfaith minister with experience in multiple spiritual paths. Laura is a fan of Ken Wilber (the “Einstein of Consciousness”), which led her to study and teach Spiral Dynamics and the Spectrum of Consciousness. A self-confessed “news junky,” Laura is appalled by the conspiracy theories shared by the far-right and far-left – both factions in America that are susceptible to “fake news.” Laura shares her birthday on October 2 with Mahatma Gandhi! 

Katie Kennedy has a passion for social justice and peacebuilding. She channels this into her role as the Interfaith Coordinator of The Oracle Institute and leader of the Path of the Peacemaker in the Valley of Light micro-community, for which she developed a curriculum including interfaith studies, conflict resolution, human rights, and community policy. Part of her job at Oracle entails organizing local activist events and marches and coordinating the local Women2Women Circle. She also serves as Secretary for the Grayson County Democrats.

Event Schedule Detail
Day 1

Saturday, March 19

  • Welcome, Introductions & Centering
  • Session 1: Swimming in a Sea of Information, Misinformation, and Disinformation
    Objective: Building a mental framework for current societal confusion
  • Exercise on Discerning Truth
  • Session 2: Spectrum of Consciousness
    Objective: Understanding how our values shape our definition of Truth
  • Circle Discussion
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
Day 2

Sunday, March 20

  • Centering
  • Session 3: Instinct and Epistemology: Why We Believe What We Believe
    Objective: Understanding brain science and transcending old perspectives
  • Exercise on Conflict Resolution Styles
  • Session 4: Tuning Our Truth Barometer
    Objective: Breaking free of pathological polarization
  • Circle Discussion
9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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Discerning Truth 2021

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