Grayson County Abortion Ordinance Public Hearing

Grayson County Hearing Details

Grayson County is holding a PUBLIC HEARING on a CRIMINAL ORDINANCE that bans the mailing of abortion medications - a de facto ban on abortion. Abortion is LEGAL in Virginia and our local Supervisors do NOT have the power to countermand state law. But they may succumb to Evangelical pressure. ‚Äč

This Ordinance IS religiously motivated. It was crafted by the right-wing Federalist Society for the purpose of sowing division in southern Virginia, the last access point for reproductive healthcare. The Virginia Act for Religious Freedom - which happens to be the Mission Statement of the Oracle Institute - firmly declares that religion has no place in Virginia politics. Hail Thomas Jefferson!

ANYONE and EVERYONE can speak at this public hearing. WHY? Because the County is willing to give Mark Lee Dickson of Texas Right to Life the podium. Therefore, YOU can speak too - whether you live inside or outside of Virginia. PLEASE come and help the town of Independence remember what FREEDOM means!

Date of Public Hearing: Thursday, December 14 @ 6:00 pm
Location: Grayson County High School gym (hundreds are expected)
Allotted Time: Each Speaker will be allowed 3 minutes (so make every word count!)

For more info and to reach Rev. Laura George, JD:
And please sign Our Petition: CLICK HERE

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