Harmonic Path to Hope

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Imagine using sound to not just passively experience your world, but to actively shape your mental state. We often overlook the symphony of sounds that surround us every day, but sound isn't just background noise; it's a key to cultivating wellbeing, relevant to anyone seeking balance in a noisy world.

On Tuesday, December 19, at 8:30 p.m. EST, you'll learn how intentional sound can be a catalyst for healing and transformation.

During the event, Yuval will guide you through a potent experiential sound-healing practice using healing sound modes from the Middle East. This practice can help improve your cognitive function and alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia.
You’ll also learn how to deeply listen and feel how sound affects the energies of your body and your mind, helping you become your own healer——understanding how to choose the perfect sound-healing music or meditation for whatever ails you.  

Once you learn to listen to your inner world and the world around you in this profound way, you begin to realize the cyclical nature of everything. As in nature, we are all connected, and each of us has a profound impact on each other and on the earth.
You don’t have to be a musician to attend this event. No musical knowledge is required. If you have a desire for improved cognitive function and a calmer, more centered self, this event is for you.  You can register HERE for Discover a Harmonic Path to Hope Through Ancient Sacred Healing Sounds: Sonic Rejuvenation to Cultivate Inner Peace, Resilience & Elevated Wellbeing During Turbulent Times.

In this illuminating hour-long online event, you’ll:
Discover how to select your personalized sound healing practices, becoming your own mindful music therapist

  • Learn to fine-tune your brain's frequency using gamma waves and 40Hz vibrations for improved cognitive function and restorative sleep
  • Cultivate the art of deep listening to identify and apply the therapeutic sounds that resonate with your unique energetic needs
  • Explore ancient Middle Eastern sound practices that offer modern wellness solutions, increasing your health and wellbeing affordably and effectively
  • Embrace self-healing by curating personal soundtracks to expedite recovery and foster well-being, putting healthcare back in your hands
    Join Yuval Ron and discover how you can use sound to rejuvenate your brain health, enhance your cognitive clarity, and instill a profound sense of inner peace within.

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Yuval Ron playing an oud

Divine Attunement tells the stories of the Middle Eastern mystics, poets, and gypsies — such as Baal Shem Tov, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi, and Rumi — all of whom used music to commune with the Creator. By retelling ancient legends and citing medical studies from leading neuroscientists on how sound heals our body, mind and spirit, Yuval brings us closer to the Divine …

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