HOPE THAT IS REAL with Patricia Albere
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In a world where real is no longer clear, reality is subjective and manipulated by the media, AI, our projections, our strategies, and more… 


Indicators of new forces beginning to shape the emerging reality are revealing themselves. If we pay attention in the right way, we can discover how to align with these important, deeper patterns of existence.

Evolution has not abandoned us. On the contrary, when you open to what is really occurring, a HOPE THAT IS REAL is naturally present.

There are powers and forces that need us to pay attention to and make ourselves available to that are gaining strength. To successfully shift and be empowered and sourced by these evolutionary forces is a game changer – not only for you but for existence itself.

The background frequencies that give rise to our very existence, our sense of self, and the potential for our lives and relationships are evolving. Most people, without knowing, tap only into the weakening and waning forces of our current reality, which results in struggle and dissatisfaction. There is another choice – a vital one during this evolutionary change.

Many great visionaries and avatars have known, without question, that the human species as it is was never meant to be our final potential. The human species is not fixed. AND, our evolutionary development does not depend on free will, one of the current attributes we consider sacrosanct. Free will is our separate, individual capacity to choose between good and evil and to make choices.

The evolutionary jump to a higher order of human existence will exist inside shared unity where our uniqueness, our lives, and contribution will arise from higher forces.

At the right time, all the creative forces will be concentrated in a new species. We don’t generally think inside of a vast time scale. But in fact, this has happened before as we moved from Neanderthals to modern humans.

Join Patricia Albere LIVE on New Year’s Day for a unique global initiation into 2024. We are gathering those people, like yourself, who long for the opportunity to come into greater coherence and unity and explore with others what is next. It is not just another year of living the best lives we can while witnessing the world in chaos, but a year where we engage together with the evolutionary forces bringing forth a new world.

Our event will include Patricia’s unique teachings, a time for sharing, and a simple practice that brings us inside the real.

Video engagement is optional for this gathering, and the recording will be available afterward if you cannot join us live. We want to make these unique teachings and the opportunities they are providing easily accessible for all.

More than ever, we need to come together and discover what kind of future evolution is calling us to, beyond the apparent chaos, confusion, and divisiveness we wake up to daily. Let’s initiate 2024 together.

Patricia Albere

In Evolutionary Relationships, Patricia Albere introduces a new approach to spirituality called “mutual awakening” that can be explored with a friend, lover, spouse, or partner. With practices to guide you and lessons to inspire you, this book helps you become more available to yourself, your partner, and our world.

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