Fully Alive and Ready:
Exploring Paths to Restore Mature Masculine Power and Vitality When the World Needs it Most

Men's Retreat

Boys will be boys” ... “Man up” ... “Real men don’t cry

Today, expressions like these are being evaluated in a new way, as we witness the destructive history of a male-dominated society with war, oppression, ecological crisis, and failing systems. Is it possible for us to build a world where masculinity causes no harm? Beyond that, how can we learn to adopt life-affirming masculine energy and step into this aspect of our power to bring about a better world?

The retreat is designed to help you rediscover what is wild AND wise within you, how to be ready for adventure, and how to be in service to life. To be fully alive is to be fully yourself, participating with the forces that are leading us toward collective wellbeing.

If you are feeling passive, ambivalent, angry, or disheartened, come join us. If you fear your aggression or feel lost in the mess of today’s world, welcome to the club! And if you seek to feel more balanced and to experience and express healthy masculine power with a good group of men, we hope to see you in the Virginia Highlands for a rare and exceptional men’s retreat.

Weekend Format

This men’s retreat consists of time alone, time together, and time in nature. We will be walking together down seven paths with seven segments. Each segment is 1.5 - 3 hours and includes an experiential exercise and discussion.

PANDEMIC POLICY: All Oracle teachers and staff are vaccinated against Covid-19, and for the safety and peace of mind of staff and attendees, this event will be open to VACCINATED MEN ONLY. We will be in close quarters during meals and some events, so we hope you understand the need for this interim policy while the CDC continues to monitor the status of the pandemic. In addition, attendees agree to hold harmless The Oracle Institute, teachers, and staff from liability related to the risk of Covid-19 exposure. 

Todd Hoskins
Stephen Dynako
About Our Presenter(s)

Todd Hoskins is a bridge-builder between people, ideas, Spirit, and action. For nearly twenty years, he has been studying and applying principles and pathways for navigating complexity with organizations, teams, and networks. Todd refers to this complexity as “The Mess” – the uncontrollable uncertainty, interconnectedness, interdependence, and emergence of life that require new ways of seeing and being. Currently, he is writing and designing programs for “Navigating the Mess” – impacting and moving with the dynamics that lead to wellbeing.

In 2009, Todd launched the strategy firm Canopy Gap, which evolved into a facilitation and coaching practice inspired by his passion for cooperation, collaboration, and navigating complexity. With wisdom guide Marti Spiegelman, Todd co-hosts the podcast and leadership program Leading from Being. In addition, Todd is a certified facilitator in Respectful Confrontation and a member of the United Nations Global Help Desk. He serves on the boards of Wisdom Projects, the Fierce Civility Project, and Project Realize.

With graduate work in psychology, interest in network science and ecology, and training in awareness and somatic learning, Todd thrives when bridging disciplines and dimensions. Having worked in the corporate world, technology startups, and with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, he has helped launch 15 organizations/initiatives in the last twelve years. He is accustomed to sacred spaces of all type – from boardrooms to laboratories to forest – and he revels living in an old farmhouse among the dunes of Southwest Michigan, enjoying tango dancing with his beloved Pia, and spending hours in nature each day.

Stephen Dynako is devoted to evolving generative endeavors, particularly as a thought leader in the Conscious Business movement.

He is Director of Programming for Shift/Co, a conscious business growth platform whose purpose is to Elevate Business to Shift Humanity. Stephen also is the visionary behind Social Chrysalis, an online educational platform that offers cutting-edge programs to build the skills of Conscious Evolution.

Stephen is a strategic innovator and seasoned professional with a background in finance, technology, mass media, and ecommerce. He previously served as program director of the Conscious Business Innerprise training and certification program offered by Humanity’s Team and co-produced the 2019 Conscious Business World Summit. Also in 2019, Stephen partnered with legendary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard to offer classes in Conscious Evolution. These were Ms. Hubbard’s final programs, making Stephen one of her last co-creators. He co-produced and co-hosted the Building the New World Conference 2020, in collaboration with the Oracle Institute’s Peace Pentagon HUB, plus he serves on the Oracle Institute Board of Directors.

Stephen holds a Master's degree in Pastoral Counseling and a Bachelor's in Communications from Loyola University Chicago. He has been a regular speaker at Unity churches in the greater Chicago area, served as a Unity lay chaplain, plus he interned as a hospital chaplain at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Stephen is author of the book The Self Aware Lover. Through his varied professional experiences in business, ministry, education, and social architecture, Stephen believes that humanity is now ready to get radical about making the Oracle motto – Truth, Love, and Light – a global priority. Today, his work is fully devoted to making Conscious Evolution a mainstream practice. 


Event Schedule Detail
Day 1

Friday, October 8

  • Welcome & Tour of Campus
  • Introduction to Weekend
  • Path 1: Path of Identity
    Who are we?
2:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Day 2

Saturday, October 9

  • Path 2: Path of Connection
    What brings us into presence?
  • Path 3: Path of Inquiry
    Where are our horizons?
  • Path 4: Path of Healing
    What needs to be acknowledged and invited in?
  • Path 5: Path of Purpose
    What are our trail markers?
  • Path 6: Path of Experimentation
    What can we try out?
  • Evening Activity
8:30 am - 9:30 pm
Day 3

Sunday, October 10

  • Path 7: Path of Practice/Ritual
    What are we committed to?
  • Closing Ceremony: 
    Ready and Alive Together
  • Guided Meditation
8:30 am - 2:00 pm


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$ 275
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$ 200
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