The Valley of Light: A Community for Cultural Creatives

In 2018, Oracle launched the Valley of Light micro-community near the small town of Independence, Virginia. Our Campus is located along the New River in a region of the Blue Ridge Mountains called the “Virginia Highlands.”

In this pristine setting, our community members pursue projects of regional, national, and global importance. For instance, one of our members founded a socially responsible alternative currency. Another member is passionate about interfaith peacebuilding and regularly coordinates with United Religions Initiative. And we all enjoy building and beautifying our campus!

Together, we’re creating an inspirational atmosphere that brings out the best in ourselves and our community.

  • Jay Hurley Oversees Install of Campus Lights and Signs
  • Music Making at 100 Shovels Groundbreaking Ceremony
  • Mimi in the Garden - 2010
  • Mimi in the Garden - 2016
  • Pat Paints a Mural on the Spring House
  • Mimi at Work on Spring House Pond
  • Amy, Katie, Laura, and BJ take a Break on Spring House Pond
  • Katie Staining  Pavillion Siding
  • BJ on Pavillion Carpentry Duty
  • Gary Ball Building Rustic Privy for Campground
  • Chris & Scottie Painting Medicine Wheel
  • 2017 Women's Retreat Gathers at Medicine Wheel
  • Turtle Labrynth Head Shot!
  • Katie, Jim, Joan, Donna placing Stones on the Turtle Labyrinth
  • Turtle Labrynth Builders Take a Break
  • Daniel, Steve and Dod Construct Turtle Labyrinth Retaining Wall
  • Laura and Noel Laying Stones
  • Gary placing BIG Stones
  • Laura George Celebrates the Labyrinth
  • Venus Takes the High Ground
  • Venus Provides Moral Support as Jay Wires Lighting
  • Jay Hurley Custom Fashions Window Rims for Peace Pentagon Stained Windows
  • The Results of Jay's Handiwork Installed
  • Jay and BJ Install the Crow Window
  • Calvin, Maria, Amy at the Rental House
  • Katie and Eric at the Rental House (now wrapped!)
  • BJ, Chris & Cleo Inspect the Peace Pentagon Bell
  • Eric Creates Peace Pentagon Landscape
  • Laura and Mimi Rocking Out!
  • More Rocking...
  • Venus and Peace Pentagon Rocked Exterior

Calling All Thought Leaders...

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard visited the Valley of Light and nicknamed our community "Camp Eve” because of our strong commitment to building a gender balanced ecovillage comprised of social architects and spiritual activists. Our auspicious goal is to develop a Full-Spectrum micro-community similar to The Federation of Damanhur in Italy. We therefore are seeking thought-leaders in each of the following Sectors of Society:

Wheel of Co-Creation
  1. Learning & Education: progressive education and ecological literacy
  2. Communications & Media: multi-media and social networking
  3. Art & Culture: music, fine arts, and the performing arts
  4. Economics & Business: alternate currencies, cooperative businesses, and living wages
  5. Peacebuilding & Relations: conflict mediation, gender and race relations, and intercultural dialogue
  6. Justice & Governance: Earth federation and community/regional representation
  7. Health & Wellness: traditional and integrative holistic practices
  8. Food, Water & Environment: organic gardening, water preservation, and wildlife protection
  9. Infrastructure & Resources: renewable energy, green building, and affordable small houses
  10. Science & Technology: safe, clean, and socially responsible technologies
  11. Spirituality & Religion: multi-faith dialogue, spiritual study and conscious evolution

Valley of Light Infrastructure

More than $2,000,000 has been invested in the Valley of Light.
Nestled between the New River and Saddle Creek, VOL includes:

  • New roads, wells, septic fields, and underground utilities
  • Peace Pentagon community center
  • Two residential homes, including one with rental units
  • Guest House for visitors
  • Walking labyrinth, medicine wheel, and other outdoor sanctuaries
  • Campground amenities, including outdoor kitchen pavilion
  • Hiking trails, pond, and meditation gazebo
  • Barn and raised-bed garden
  • And the entire campus is DEBT FREE.

The Valley of Light is surrounded by Blue Ridge Mountain beauty!
On-site or nearby recreational activities include:

We invite potential Members to Discover Grayson County to learn more about local events and attractions.

  • Fishing and swimming
  • Kayaking, canoeing, tubing, and public boat launch
  • Golf, Biking and horseback riding
  • Hiking on 170 miles of the Appalachian Trail
  • National and state parks – including Mount Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia at 5,700 feet!
VOL Campus 

Valley of Light Campus

Interested in Building a Model Community?

If you are looking for a high energy, purpose-driven community, please check out our Community Principles to see if you’re a good fit.

For more information about the Valley of Light community, please contact: