Submitted by Jay Hurley on Thu, 09/01/2016 - 5:47 am

More Oracle Campus Non-Local Construction

Jay Refurbishes Lamp
Jay Refurbishes Lamp
Jay Refurbishes Lamp
Jay Refurbishes Lamp

I have a well equipped Good-Ol-Boy Shop for doing whatever I take a notion to do. While attending a retreat at Oracle, one of the conferees began griping about the lack of street signs to direct people around the place. I agreed with her and said that I would do something about it. I constantly feel the need to complete the Oracle Campus, the Campus that will support the people, the people who will work tirelessly toward building a new world.

I talked the project over with Laura and we decided we needed street lights also, so a grand plan was hatched.

I tend to save everything that may eventually be useful so I had just the right stuff. I’m convinced that the Devine Spirit puts the Right Stuff in my path because I’ll need it some day for a special project. Out of my steel pile I pulled two 6” poles, one 12 ft. and one 13 ft. long, each with a heavy cast steel base and capped top. Out of my barn I retrieved two antique street lights. I had been wondering for years what job these were destined for. All was wire brushed to clean, reforged as needed, primed and painted Hunter Green poles and Black lights. The lights were dissembled, cleaned and made ready with LED bulbs and dusk to dawn sensors.

Four street signs were needed and these were cut out of sheet steel. Mounting brackets were forged and welded to the signs and all was primed and painted brown. Hunter green and Brown was chosen to blend in with the natural landscape. A lovely lady at a local sign shop gave us a deal on the lettering when the Campus purpose was pitched to her.

I borrowed a buddy’s truck and trailer to transport the poles to Independence Va. I unloaded the lights and did other work on Laura’s “please do” list. This was trip one for the lights.

Trip two for lights was to dig the holes, run the electric conduit and pour the concrete bases. This required installing 6ft. Sona Tubes. These are heavy cardboard tubes 20” in dia. to pour concrete in. I had made steel inserts with threaded ends for the poles to mount to so all was ready, except. We couldn’t find Sona tubes in the hinterland of Grayson Co.

Trip three for light installation found me transporting two 6ft. Sona tubes from No. Va. To Grayson Co.. We installed them with conduit for electric and steel mounting pin assembly ready for concrete. With Gary’s assistance concrete was ordered. Shortly a big concrete truck arrived. I was introduced to “Tater”, a likable fellow who started pouring concrete into the tube. He assured me that he had done this “one time” before. With two Sona tubes full of concrete, Tater and his big truck trundled down the hill and out of sight.

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