How to Attain Spiritual Enlightenment

Oracle believes that all human beings have the ability to achieve enlightenment by dedicating themselves to a proven path of spiritual growth. The Sanskrit word Saddha refers to the essential foundation for seeking enlightenment. Often translated into English as “faith,” the literal meaning of this Buddhist term is “trustful confidence.” Hence, the essence of Saddha is a firm spiritual foundation which grows over time through personal experience and actual contact with the Divine.

“Thus it is Saddha ...
Its characteristic is trusting.
Its function is to clarify.
It is manifested as non-fogginess; or
It is manifested as resolution.”

Chapter XIV, Verse 140

The Eastern concept of Saddha is therefore very different than the Western notion of blind faith, which places absolute trust in the divine acts of others (such as Jesus) and in holy scripture (written by man).

Despite the orthodox teachings of the five primary religions, all the great prophets, saints, and mystics taught that the soul grows incrementally, as new revelations are understood and mastered.

Thus, the Saddha process of enlightenment requires dedication to a proven esoteric path which includes:

  • Careful study (The Truth);
  • Good works for the benefit of others (The Love);
  • Meditative practices which lead to communion with Divine Source (The Light)

What is Our True Nature?


Are we human beings who sometimes have spiritual experiences? Or are we spiritual beings who are having human experiences? Saddha favors the latter interpretation of the human condition, and it provides a well-traveled path for communing with and as Spirit while the soul is locked in human form.

Saddha also is a powerful and healthy mindset that allows us to first encounter and later comprehend the non-dual nature of the Cosmos. As a result, spiritual confidence can grow, build upon itself, and eventually guide us toward spiritual enlightenment.

The ultimate goal of Saddha is to achieve Ethereal Plane awareness while living on the Earth Plane. We accomplish this goal through intellectual curiosity, compassionate action, and inner balance. We become an enlightened being when we consistently embody our highest-self and dedicate ourselves to serving humanity.

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