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On this page, Valley of Light members and visitors who are interested in joining our community share their thoughts on community building, current events, sacred activism, peacebuilding, and spirituality.

VOL is an incubator community for Cultural Creatives who share our Community Principles. Our blog posts reflect this shared ethos and our intellectual, moral, and socio-political stances on the issues of the day. We invite you to join us in these critical discussions by posting your comments!

VOL members meet on Sundays to work around the campus and share a community meal. We welcome visitors on Sundays who would like to help with a campus project and enjoy a potluck meal with us.

For more information about posting at this blog or visiting on VOL Sunday, please contact:

Date Sort ascending Title Author
Tue - Jan 25, 2022 A Condemnation of HB 1274: The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Katie Kennedy
Tue - Sep 28, 2021 What Are We Truly Reaching for in the Information Age? Melissa Baker
Thu - Apr 22, 2021 One Instance of Accountability Katie Kennedy
Sat - Jan 09, 2021 Dear Annie Katie Kennedy
Sat - Nov 21, 2020 The Battle Is Over. Now Starts the War. Katie Kennedy
Sat - Jun 06, 2020 The Heroes of D-Day vs. Police Brutality Katie Kennedy
Fri - Dec 06, 2019 What's At Stake Eric Stetson
Fri - Feb 08, 2019 Why Ralph Northam and Mark Herring Should Not Resign Eric Stetson
Wed - Oct 24, 2018 My Mother Was a Refugee Eric Stetson
Wed - Nov 15, 2017 A Revolutionary Weekend with the Revolutionary Agreements Katie Kennedy
Fri - Nov 10, 2017 Universalism and Economic Justice Eric Stetson
Thu - Oct 19, 2017 Embracing the Inner Light: On Diwali Katie Kennedy
Wed - Oct 18, 2017 The Life-Changing Reality of Near-Death Experiences Eric Stetson
Tue - Sep 12, 2017 My Total Eclipse Experience: A Profound Psychological, Social, and Natural Phenomenon Eric Stetson
Tue - Aug 15, 2017 Janmashtami: Commemorating the Birth of Krishna Eric Stetson
Sun - Aug 06, 2017 Community: Reflections from VOL’s Resident Peacemaker Katie Kennedy
Fri - Jul 28, 2017 Rediscovering Jesus: A Universalist View of the Christian Gospel Eric Stetson
Thu - Jul 20, 2017 The Meaning and Power of Hope Katie Kennedy
Mon - Jul 10, 2017 No Monks on Mountaintops: The Message of Dharma Day Katie Kennedy
Fri - Jul 07, 2017 What Makes America Great? Celebrating Our Nation’s Birthday in Independence, Virginia Eric Stetson
Mon - Jul 03, 2017 The Oracle Women’s Empowerment Retreat: Women Supporting Women! Katie Kennedy
Fri - Jun 23, 2017 The Power of 39% Charlotte
Sat - Jan 28, 2017 Why I Marched Katie Kennedy
Thu - Jan 12, 2017 "We Rise" (Inspiration on a Dark Day) Eric Stetson
Sun - Jan 08, 2017 Neighborliness and the Golden Rule: An Exploration Katie Kennedy
Tue - Sep 13, 2016 Oracle Campus Non-Local Construction Jay Hurley
Thu - Sep 01, 2016 More Oracle Campus Non-Local Construction Jay Hurley