Oracle Institute Internships

Looking for an Internship?

MTV at the Peace PentagonMTV film crew at the Peace Pentagon

Oracle is seeking an on-site, college-age intern to help build a Center for Progressive Activism at the Peace Pentagon. You will be part of a dedicated team of community organizers, and you will work under the supervision of Laura George, Executive Director of The Oracle Institute.

The ideal candidate is a college student majoring in: philosophy, sociology, political science, economics, religion, media arts, or pre-law. You should possess:

  • Strong communication and writing skills;
  • Proficiency with social media and basic computer applications; and
  • A keen interest in current events and cultural trends.

Our intern will receive free housing at Oracle Campus and have the opportunity to experience life in a micro-commmunity dedicated to progressive, pluralistic, and peace-centered values. You will be expected to work 15 hours per week assisting with campus classes and peacebuilding events, plus 5 hours per week on routine campus maintenance (gardening, mowing, animal care, etc.).

Take a Sabbatical at Oracle Campus

Creek CottageCreek Cottage at the Oracle Campus

Looking for a serene working vacation, time to focus on your purpose, feeling the need for a sabbatical? Oracle Campus offers community-themed vacations and sacred spaces for the perfect hermit's repose.

For those who want to experience community: Visit for a week or more and you can participate in our Valley of Light community. Pick a Path of Perfection that calls you and meet like-minded souls:

  • Path of the Native: Help us in the garden or collect farm fresh eggs in the morning!
  • Path of the Peacemaker: Study non-violent communication or assist with a Peace Pentagon event.
  • Path of the Scientist: We love geeks so you’ll feel right at home!
  • Path of the Artisan: Mural a wall, play music at our events, or help build and beautify our campus.
  • Path of the Oracle: Study the Spectrum of Consciousness or help plan a Spirituality Salon!

For those seeking a solitary sabbatical: If you want to be alone so you can write, meditate, commune with nature, or contemplate your life purpose, Oracle Campus is a holistic environment for your respite. Enjoy the solitude of the Blue Ridge Mountains and watch the ancient New River flow, while working on your book, project, or self. Our campus is the perfect setting to escape distraction and find inspiration!

Pricing packages for extended stays: 1 Week: $250; 2 Weeks: $400; 3 Weeks: $500; Per Month: $600.  

For more information about Oracle's Internship and Sabbatical Programs, please contact: