Katherine Kennedy

Katherine Kennedy

Katherine was born in Florida, but grew up in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. She was raised Christian and heavily involved in her family church while growing up, yet Katherine was taught and encouraged by her mother to explore and discover for herself what she found most resonant when it came to religious dogma and doctrine. Thus began a life-long passion for learning as much as possible about religion and the human spiritual condition.

After graduating from high school, Katherine attended Appalachian State University, where she studied Political Science and English. With the birth of her beautiful son James in 2007, Katherine turned her focus on motherhood. Additionally, during the past six years before James started kindergarten, Katherine immersed herself in independent study, researching the great religions of the world.

In 2013, her fascination with spirituality and her yearning for interfaith understanding among the adherents of fundamentalist religions lead Katherine to The Oracle Institute, where she assists Executive Director Laura George with research projects, is a Trustee of Oracle Temple, and helps create and manage Oracle’s spirituality school programs.

Today, Katherine still identifies as Christian, but her philosophical, humanistic, and pluralistic leanings are more in line with progressive Christianity than with claims that Jesus is the “only” way. She is still actively involved in church, but now the congregation she holds membership with is the Unitarian Universalist Community of Independence, where Katherine served as a Trustee before the congregation moved towards a horizontal leadership model.

Katherine is very grateful to be able to participate in helping manifest Oracle’s mission of peace and interfaith unity, and she can be reached at Katie@TheOracleInstitute.org.