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Mahatma Hurley: The Passing of a Great Soul

Jay Hurley was and remains a Wayshower. He transitioned yesterday at approximately 1:00 pm surrounded by his beloveds. He walked the Good Red Road his entire life and, as a result, he was blessed with a peaceful passage - a perfect buddha death.

It has been my great honor to have Jay in my life as a friend, mentor, and co-visionary of Oracle Campus. In addition to being the primary Lightholder of Shepherdstown, WV (shown above at his General Store), Jay helped build our campus in ways too numerous to list here. Presently, pictures seem worth ten thousand words and will need to suffice.

Jay and I studied together and were ordained as interfaith ministers in the Ancient and Sovereign Order of Melchizedek. He took the title Tzedek, which means "righteous teacher." He also was trained and certified as a Wayshower in the Edgar Cayce tradition at the Association of Research and Enlightenment.

One of our grandest adventures together was rescuing Jacob's Stone (Genesis 28:10). The legend of how this ancient Jewish artifact was transported in the early 1700s from Ireland to Virginia is too long a tale to tell here (I briefly share the story in The Light: And the New Human). Once again, pictures will need to suffice.

Right now, it seems impossible to imagine a gathering taking place at the Peace Pentagon without Jay. He lovingly played his dulcimer at every major event, often accompanied by Genevieve on harp.

To Jay the Just, who brought LIGHT to Oracle Campus, both physically and metaphysically: I will hold your memory sacred for the rest of my life, just as I held you yesterday during your death. And should you elect to return to Earth and teach again, please come to the Valley of Light.

For this partial and barely worthy remembrance, I apologize. It is the best I can muster at this moment. For a full tribute, friends are invited to a Celebration of Life Gathering in the Great Hall (spring 2024).

O'Hurley's General Store
205 East Washington Street
Shepherdstown, West Virginia 254433