Oracle Institute Class on Setting Goals for the New Year

Mapping event

To kick off its 2024 calendar, The Oracle Institute is hosting the annual New Year’s Mapping Class. 

A “Manifestation Map” is a collage that represents the goals you seek to achieve in the New Year. All you need bring is a picture of yourself, which you glue to the center of your canvass. Then, add supportive images cut from magazines, stickers, and anything else that represents what you wish to manifest. When done, take your collage home and utilize it as visual reminder of the goals you set for the New Year. 

Bring friends and family, and enjoy a fun afternoon of imagination and inspiration. All materials, drinks, and snacks provided. Suggested minimum donation of $10 is requested.

* Sponsor: The Oracle Institute 

* Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024 

* Time: 1:00 PM 

Location has changed: On the Oracle Institute campus. Email for details.

* Contact:

Laura George (spiritual name Tau Lama) is a Virginia-based attorney, interfaith minister, author, and truth seeker. In 2004, she founded The Oracle Institute, a 501(c)(3) educational charity, whose mission is to assist humanity in making the spiritual shift into the New Millennium. Laura founded Oracle after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, which sparked a deep awakening within her and prompted her to start writing about the dangers of religious fundamentalism and political polarization.

Laura was born in 1961 at the U.S. Naval base in Portsmouth, Virginia. Her father was a Naval Academy graduate, an officer during the Vietnam War, and later Director of the Arms Control Agency during the Reagan Administration. Her mother worked in the public school system in the fields of speech pathology and special education. Raised Catholic, Laura began questioning her birth religion at an early age, and as an adult, she embarked on a study of the world’s religions to find “Truth, Love, and Light.” Today, her search continues.

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$10 minimum suggested donation.