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Women’s Issues: Hilary Rosen vs. Ann Romney Controversy

I’d say, “Enough already!” except for the fact that on 4/23/12, Ann Romney just stepped in it and upped the ante on the “Mommy Wars” controversy with her comments at the Connecticut Republican Party’s Prescott Bush Awards Dinner (CNN Politics, Politico, Huffington Post):

“I love the fact that there are women out there who don’t have a choice and they must go to work and they still have to raise the kids. Thank goodness that we value those people too. And sometimes life isn’t easy for any of us.”

Needless to say the controversy had already been raging, with op-eds flying daily – three on one day alone at the Washington Post on 4/13/12: “Real Issues for Women” by Ruth Marcus; “Rosen vs. Romney: A Faux Girl Fight” by Kathleen Parker; “Hilary Rosen was right: Ann Romney Doesn’t Speak for Women in the Workforce” by Linda Hirshman. And the pundits are still expounding nightly, with the two political parties hurling divisive word bombs, trying to make hay for women’s votes … uuuggghhh …

“The Mommy Wars” are OVER! Repeat as often as necessary.

Rosen’s point, while badly stated, was simply that Ann Romney - brought forward by her husband to translate for him (like an oracle - no pun intended) the needs and wants of today’s women – was simply lacking in a major life experience and its innumerable difficulties (i.e.: earning a wage outside the home), to be able to do so effectively. By the way Mitt, if you don’t get it intrinsically, you need a new translator.

Outside/Inside Choices: Twenty years ago, women fought this war and agreed on the value of both choices: the ability to work in a career of our choice and the nurturing of our children. Done! However, the incontrovertible fact remains that a woman who works outside the home (either by choice or necessity) also has all the responsibilities of one who works inside the home. And in general, those with outside careers, especially single wage earners, have a great deal more to keep them up at night worrying – especially when compared to an inside mother like Ann Romney who has unlimited wealth (a garage elevator for her Cadillacs – puulease!).

In trying to translate women’s issues for Mitt, Ann should ask him about his position on:

The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (equal pay for equal work) – He first deferred answering, then refused to say he would have voted for the law (Huffington Post: 4/16/12). Note: only 4 Republican senators – all women – voted for the law ... hum

Equal Pay Enforcement Act: Why did he so ardently supported his Republican hero, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker as Walker successfully worked to repeal his state’s Equal Pay Enforcement Act – which had protected women against pay discrimination? ... hum

The 1994 Violence Against Women Act which is up for Senate reauthorization this week, having left the Judiciary Committee with a 10 – 8 vote (the 8 republicans voted to not send it on for final vote). When asked about the Act a few years ago, Romney responded that he had not heard of it ... hum

Planned Parenthood: Why did he vow to end funding for Planned Parenthood, including General Health care (e.g. cholesterol and high blood pressure testing), Women’s Health (e.g.: cancer screenings, infertility, menopause, pelvic exams, urinary tract infections, etc., and yes - birth control)? ... hum

Yes, Ann has a lot to translate to Mitt about women’s issues. Women do care about the federal deficit, the cost of gas and groceries, paying the mortgage, schools, what we’re doing to this planet, family welfare issues, and about the untold loss of life we’ve destroyed during10 years of indefensible foreign wars – all issues we care about here at the Oracle Institute. But in addition, women vote their own particular issues which help to promote and protect a healthy family life.