MannaFest Annual Meeting


MannaFest is the annual meeting of the Manna team involving team members from all over the country. This gathering is dedicated to connection, education, and clarity. Team members will participate in work sessions, team building activities, documentary viewings and discussions, presentations and workshops. There will also be a session on blockchain technology and Manna open to the public and available online through Facebook live stream. 

Day 1: Friday, June 29th - 8:30 AM thru 10:00 PM
Work Session
Team Building and Welcoming
Retrospective Worksession (2018 to Date)
Documentary and Discussion: The Price of Fairness

Day 2: June 30th - 8:30 AM thru 10:45 PM
Tech Talk on Manna and Mining
Discussion of Decentralization and Democratic Decision Making
Lessons from the Dot-Com Bubble
Panel Discussion on "Capitalism and Egalitarianism"
Group Hike
Movie and Discussion: The Circle

Day 3: July 1 - 7:00 AM thru10:00 PM
Spiral Dynamics and Marketing Psychology
Our Blockchain Ecosystem
Manna Cryptocurrency Public (and Livestream) Event
Life After A Successful Basic Income
Discussion on "Basic Income: Unconditional or Strings Attached?"

Day 4: July 2 - 7:00 AM thru 7:30 PM
Brainstorming Session
Closing from the Founders

Event Starts
Event Ends