Spiritual Group Dynamics

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The quality of your Life and Happiness is directly proportional to the quality of your Relationships. And the quality of your Relationships is a direct consequence of the quality of your Communication – especially your own, internal communication.

In this workshop, you will learn powerful strategies and techniques to connect to your inner Divine wisdom and power. These techniques are based on esoteric traditions, modern humanistic teachings, transpersonal psychology, cutting edge science, and spiritual physics. Join us for an exciting afternoon focused on Group Ascension!

This class will focus on three Universal Laws of the Hermetic and Alchemical tradition:


  1. Internal Communication:
    The Law of Mentalism
  1. Inter-personal Communication:
    The Law of Vibration & Resonance
  1. Group Communication:
    The Law of Correspondence
Anaconda Papaya

Anaconda Papaya is one of the four King Guides of the Federation of Damanhur. He also is Director of Damanhur's International Development, and the Executive Director of External Relations of the Damanhur Foundation.

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