Submitted by Jay Hurley on Tue, 09/13/2016 - 5:56 am

Oracle Campus Non-Local Construction

Jay Creating Window Ring
Jay Creating Window Ring
Jay Creating Window Ring

I live 5 ½ hrs. by road north of Oracle H.Q. so I can’t offer much “boots on the ground” help. I can, however, take on projects for the Oracle Temple and grounds that I can do in my shop [garage] and take to Independence Va. and install.

I present this, here & now, as a template for other interested craftsmen to follow to help complete the Oracle Campus project so well started by Laura. When finished and fully functional it will have a major impact on world peace and the oneness of humankind. It is worth our effort.

My first major project was a collaboration between me and stained glass artist friend Sheila to create 3, 4 ft. dia. Art windows for the Peace Pentagon [aka The Temple]. I spent several months working many spare-time hours and some full days, as my schedule permitted, making the 3 circular frames for the windows. I also made various tools and round glass-layout-table for Sheila to build the windows on.

Sheila has finished the first window and a helper buddy and I mounted it in its frame, PERFECTO! This was all done in Shepherdstown, WV many, many miles from where it would go. All that remained now was to transport it ‘Safely’ to Oracle and install it.

My helper friends Joe, 26, former Marine, college student, big & strong and Alex, 16, smart, capable, agile and the hell-of-a soccer player were my partners for this adventure. We departed Shepherdstown on a bright clear morning with the window safely cocooned in styrofoam and secured in the bed of my bitty little S-10 truck. Alex, the smallest, was assigned the cramped rear jump seat and Joe grabbed the shotgun position as off we went for our 5 ½ hr. cruse to Oracle.

At Oracle we worked on a street light project while the drywall man finished the walls around the 3 windows.

With drywall mud dry, we erected scaffold 2 stories up and proceeded to gently hoist the window up to our makeshift platform. We were anxious to unwrap it to check for road rash or travel damage but first we needed to wash the outside window. Nobody would have access to the inside of the windows ever again.

Happily, all was well with the window so we proceeded with the precision job of fitting it to the building. A little chiseling, a little sawing and voila it was in.

Window number one of three installed with 98% of the work being done in my back yard.

Many similar jobs need doing for the campus. Step up and volunteer.