The Yoga of Sacred Activism

The Sanskrit word yoga means “yoking together” or “union” in the ancient Hindu religion. The ultimate goal of yoga is samadhi (non-duality) and moksha (liberation); however, individual liberation is not enough …Mahatma Gandhi believed – as does The Oracle Institute – that Enlightenment is achieved only through sarvodaya which means sacred service for the benefit of All.

Five Traditional Paths of Yogic Service

These are the five traditional branches of yoga, each of which is a powerful tool to gain self-mastery and spiritual freedom:

Hatha Yoga: Path of bodily control and sensory detachment
Focus is on the physical body through proper diet, asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), and mudras (ritual gestures)
Raja Yoga: Path of the pure and tranquil mind
Focus is on balance through meditation, japa (chanting of mantras), kriyas (advanced meditation), and yama (ethical practices)
Bhakti Yoga: Path of devotion, faith, and the constant remembrance of God
Focus is on love, union, and service to the Divine
Karma Yoga: Path of service without expectation or attachment to the results of the work
Focus is on action and selfless work
Jnana Yoga: Path of wisdom which leads to absolute truth and unobstructed awareness
Focus is on intellect, knowledge, and understanding

Five Paths of Perfection in the Valley of light

Based on these classic yogic practices, the Valley of Light community ("VOL") has created five Paths of Perfection. Like the traditional yogic disciplines, the Paths of Perfection involve physical, mental, and spiritual challenges that assist community members in elevating their body, mind, and spirit.

Members select a Path when they join VOL, and each Path has a course of study and takes responsible for certain elements within the community:

  • Path of the Peacemaker maintains the Peace Pentagon HUB and helps guide our Spirituality School;
  • Path of the Scientist keeps our computers and websites working (we love geeks!);
  • Path of the Native has primary responsibility for our community gardens and livestock;
  • Path of the Artisan builds, maintains, and beautifies the common areas; and
  • Path of the Oracle guides our Spirituality School, maintains our sacred spaces, and leads gatherings at Oracle Temple.
Paths of perfection 

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