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Oracle Open House Highlights

Our Interfaith Speakers

Interfaith Speakers
His Excellency the Reverend Patrick McCollum (representing Buddhism), Ruth Broyde Sharone (representing Judaism), Dina Shehata, M.A. (representing Islam), Rev. Laura George, J.D. (Executive Director, The Oracle Institute), Guruji Sri Arun Kumarji (representing Hinduism), Glen Martin, Ph.D. (World Constitution & Parliament Association), Rev. Don Lansky (representing Christianity from Unity of Charlottesville)

Interfaith Speakers
Master of Ceremonies Jay Hurley
Interfaith Speakers
The World Peace Violin played by His Excellency the Reverend Patrick McCollum
Interfaith SpeakersInterfaith Peace Pole Ceremony at the Medicine Wheel
Interfaith Speakers
Volunteers Noel Katie & Bob at the Peace Quilt

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  • The HUB is a bi-coastal project of The Oracle Institute and Center of the One Heart in Virginia, and Barbara Marx Hubbard's Foundation for Conscious Evolution in California.
  • As launched, the HUB functions as a directory of organizations and people in Virginia who are working to build the New World.
  • During the second stage of development, the Virginia HUB will function as a multi-media platform for coordination and collaboration among the HUB Members.
  • When completed, the Virginia and California HUBs will be networked with HUBs around the world!

By visiting Oracle's IndieGogo site and making a Donation (even a small donation of $5, $10, or $25) The Peace Pentagon will go VIRAL!


Oracle launched the Virginia HUB from Independence, Virginia on July 4th

Please join the Virginia HUB Today!

Other Oracle News: The Oracle Campus Continues to Grow!

Interfaith Speakers
Oracle's Creek Cottage is almost finished!
Interfaith Speakers
Volunteers Chris & Scottie prepping the Medicine Wheel
Interfaith Speakers
Our Campground Pavilion is almost finished too
Interfaith Speakers
Jay putting 50 new purple chairs together!