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Possibilianism: Filling the Void between Religion and Science

The other day, my friend Jim sent me a link to a TED video which so perfectly aligns with the mission of The Oracle Institute, I feel compelled to discuss it and pass it along. This 22 minute video is the work of Dr. David Eagleman, who is a professor of neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. In a nutshell, Dr. Eagleman declares himself a “Possibilian” – someone who rejects the mythological and dogmatic claims of the ancient manmade religions and who also rejects the vexing arguments of atheists … in favor of a middle ground which acknowledges the mystery of the Universe and encourages continued scientific and spiritual exploration.

TED link:

Thus, a Possibilian is a “truth seeker.” And a truth seeker is someone who allows his rational inquiry AND his spiritual intuition to lead him wherever it may, thereby allowing the truth seeker to relinquish familial, cultural, and religious programming. Thankfully, such truth seekers are no longer rare, as evidenced by the worldwide viral popularity of the Possibilian Movement. See:

We at The Oracle Institute heartily endorse imaginative right brain meandering and intellectual left brain research. Indeed, our award-winning first book in the Oracle foundational trilogy – The Truth: About the Five Primary Religions – highlights the fact that none of the five primary religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam) has a lock on spiritual Truth, nor a corner on the God Game. Rather, we believe that in order to embark on a spiritual journey and build a Tower of Truth, a person must embrace an interfaith appreciation AND the most current discoveries in the fields of philosophy, science, history, and human evolution.

Therefore, Oracle rejects the polarity represented by orthodox religion and atheism. Instead, we expect that spirituality and science will begin to merge, as both areas of inquiry help to unravel the Truth about our Creator and the nature of Creation. And we are comfortable working within the “Void” of God’s unsolved mysteries.

“Once upon a time in 1961, a girl child was born into a family of truth seekers.” Opening line from The Truth

If you have commenced a spiritual quest or seek a supportive community in which to do so, we invite you to share your journey at this blogsite … for you are among friends.