Submitted by Charlotte on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 6:11 am

The Power of 39%

The Republican Party is split, nervous, and not acting or leading in their individual rolls of representing the people and upholding the Constitution. Appointments cannot be filled because honest, hardworking career people don’t want to be a part of this Trump regime. More and more appointees are declining to accept the positions that so desperately need filling.

And it is not the Democrats who can be totally blamed for this. Remember that the Republicans control everything now: The Presidency, Congress, and the Senate – maybe even the FBI, Military, CIA, Attorney General’s office … The Republicans cannot get these higher level appointments filled, while many of the long working employees in government have been fired. Who is running the place?

Our country is very vulnerable now because of the lack of qualified people in these important government positions. The President asks all of his appointees for an extreme level of loyalty and thus he has put his unqualified family into roles of amazing power and influence. Each cabinet member had to declare their loyalty and dedication to the President last week, and Trump asked Pence to go first as they went around the table, like they’re in a high school club or something. It looked so staged and scary. Loyalty should be with the Constitution, as each elected official has pledged.

The 39% appears to be controlling our government and we are getting more out of control every day. America is going it alone and the majority party in Washington is not standing up for our democracy. Trump is abandoning the US’s global leadership role. Just Google “China’s Plan to Run the World” and see how Trump’s actions are putting our country on a downward spiral, allowing China to rapidly fulfill their “One Belt, One Road” global development plan.

I am getting more and more worried about our nation’s fate. Some of you say that you always vote Republican – but which part of the party are you with? The 39% or the 61%? There is no way you can be with both, it is too split. It is up to those who voted this TV reality show into office to do something about the direction we are going. Please ask your Representatives and Senators to stand up and be the branch of government that is supposed to govern our country. We are turning into a dictator lead, fascist government. Please help make America be a democracy again.

I am relieved that many State governors and mayors (Republicans too) are pledging to stay with the Paris Agreement and the many, many nations that are trying and keep our planet alive. After pulling out of our signed agreement, Trump said he wanted to negotiate. How come the 175 other countries have not wanted to negotiate to better their position? America first and the hell with everyone else? Is this the “Christian Way” that our President is taking us?

Back to work for those who truly care. Let’s work together to stop the partisanship and demand good government and dedication to the people who vote. It has been proven that Trump did not get the popular vote. He is not representing the people of the United States. He is hurting the working class, so he isn’t even representing those who elected him! THEY VOTED FOR HIM AND THEY HAVE BEEN HAD.

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