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The Peace Pentagon and the Shift Network

For the past four months, I have been participating in the Peace Ambassador training program at the Shift Network, a global, virtual movement to network all Lightworkers in a shared vision of environmental sustainability, compassionate living, and conscious evolution:

During our final class, Shift’s Director of Peace, Philip Hellmich, asked: “What are you doing to promote a culture of peace?” After listening to a few of my classmates describe their amazing peace projects, I had the opportunity to share what The Oracle Institute is doing. I was pleased to report that we had worked for more than two years and through a legal struggle to finally manifest the Peace Pentagon! And I explained that the Peace Pentagon will be Oracle’s headquarters along the New River in Independence, Virginia – a venue for multi-faith exploration, peace building, and conflict transformation.

Truly, it was a delight to hold our “100 Shovels Groundbreaking Celebration” on June 8, 2012: Our volunteers worked overtime to coordinate a heartfelt event full of patriotic fervor (in line with our Mission Statement: Thomas Jefferson’s Act for Religious Freedom). Indeed, we sang the National Anthem and had a flag ceremony, proudly flying flags for the United States, Virginia, Grayson County, and a new Oracle flag! Oracle is dedicated to the pursuit of spiritual freedom as well as spiritual enlightenment.

Currently, the Shift Network is spearheading the “Summer of Peace” – a bounty of activities that promote local peace building efforts around the world: Once the Peace Pentagon is completed, we hope to partner further with the Shift Network and lend our full support to the spiritual revolution that is taking place worldwide – an organic movement of unprecedented proportions. As the old political, religious, and financial institutions crumble, “We the People” are moving ahead … building intentional communities, micro-economies, and social media sites for networking our way into the New World.

In addition, the Shift Network has a movie coming out at the end of the year entitled The The movie includes interviews and appearances with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, David Kucinich, Deepak Chopra, and other Lightworkers around the world. So please check out the Shift Network and help get your community prepared for the coming changes …