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Do We Live on a Prison Planet?

Earth in a Cage

Many theories have been postulated about the apparent perpetual polarity of the Earth Plane. One variant on this theory is what I call the Partial Matrix theory – like in the movie. In this scenario, humans are real but our brains are connected to a computer that tricks us into thinking we are living as free agents. 

We also might be living in a Full Matrix – which means we are not real humans and EVERYTHING is an illusion, including our free will. In short, we may be simulated humans, a form of AI created by an advanced race (or perhaps our ancestors). In this case, our world is akin to a huge virtual reality game from which there is no escape. Under both the Partial and Full Matrix theories, we’d be living on a Prison Planet.

An earlier variant on this theory was posed by the Gnostic Christians, who believed a lesser deity created the Earth Plane. They did not deify Jesus. Rather, they heard his esoteric teachings, which emphasized the need to break free of Earth Plane illusions. From my research, I have concluded that Jesus studied in the East during his “lost years,” which is why he sounds Buddhist in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas – the most reliable guide we have to what Jesus actually taught his inner circle. Hence, the Gnostics were describing a Prison Planet using the vocabulary of their day. 

Buddha also spoke of the maya (illusion) of the Earth Plane. Indeed, all the great mystics proclaimed that our world is a grand illusion. Thus, if not literally in a simulated AI lock-down, we still may be prisoners via the process of soul transmigration. In other words, Earth may be a planet where young, inexperienced, or rebellious souls are forced to incarnate … over and over and over again.

In addition to the Avatars, some of the most intelligent people alive today think we’re living in a simulated world. Why?

  • First, because the odds of Earthlings being the most advanced species in the cosmos is highly unlikely. 
  • Second, we are close to developing AI ourselves, and if we’re about to do it, odds are that another race beat us to this milestone. 
  • Third, the first thing AI will do is model a vast variety of systems – exactly what we use learning algorithms for right now. Already, governments and businesses use simulations to model and predict weather patterns, the spread of pandemics, and the evolution of democracy (to name just a few of the models run today).

Moreover, the world’s smartest kid Max Laughlin says we’re living in a parallel universe as result of CERN experiments – yet another twist on dimensional theory and the creation of alternate timelines. Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, believes there is a one in a billion chance that we’re in “base reality” (i.e., that we’re NOT in a Matrix). WHY? Because, as Musk explains, virtual reality “games will become indistinguishable from reality.” The latest $13,000 Tesla Suit is the next level of VR augmentation. For those who wish to live in a nested simulated reality, the Metaverse awaits …

SIDE NOTE: Musk is NOT the world’s richest man. That distinction goes to Vladimir Putin, who has stolen so much money from the Russian people, he can both finance a war against Ukraine AND build a billion dollar palace, as detailed by Russian hero Alexei Navalny in his last documentary before being imprisoned. 

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The truth is: We lack an exact understanding of the nature of the Earth Plane and how it relates to the Ethereal Plane. One thing is certain, however: The cosmos is MUCH more complex than the immature explanations presented by orthodox religion and contained in antiquated holy books. Yes, it is time to abandon these ancient belief systems and recognize that the recent merger of science and spirituality represents our best hope of solving the Great Mystery.  

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