Robby Robbins

Robby Robbins

Volunteer and resident at Valley of Light and Oracle Institute

Robert (Robby) Robbins is a problem-solving technical support engineer by trade and a distinguished veteran. Now retired, he’s versed in business development, sales and marketing, has owned a few businesses over the years, and brings lots of customer support know-how with him. He loves helping people stay connected and productive in their personal and business lives.

Born into a military family, Robby has lived in 20 states in the U.S. and several locations overseas. He’s also visited many countries overseas.

Robby has an extensive background in communications, IT and AV, maintaining and troubleshooting complex data and communications systems for the highest degree of confidence and reliability. His vast experience and handyman skills are a huge benefit wherever he goes. Having lived more than a decade at Sunrise Ranch, a Colorado intentional spiritual community, one of his great joys and contributions was that of fire tender for community fires.

He can be reached at