Oracle Temple - Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment

At Oracle Temple, we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve enlightenment. However, the path is long and it requires dedication. It also requires a proven path of spiritual growth to ascend the Spectrum of Consciousness.

The Sanskrit word Saddha refers to this essential foundation for seeking enlightenment. Though often translated into English as “faith,” the literal meaning of this Buddhist term is transformation based on “trustful confidence.

Hence, the objective is to acquire a firm spiritual foundation which grows over time through personal experience and direct contact with the Divine.

“Thus it is Saddha ...
Its characteristic is trusting.
Its function is to clarify.
It is manifested as non-fogginess; or
It is manifested as resolution.”

Chapter XIV, Verse 140

Therefore, Saddha is very different than Christian blind faith, which relies on the divinity of Jesus and ancient scripture composed by men.

Despite the mass teachings of the five orthodox religions, the great prophets, saints, and mystics taught that the soul grows incrementally, as new revelations are understood and mastered.

Thus, the Saddha process of enlightenment requires a proven esoteric path which includes:

Other Viable Paths to Enlightenment

Ancient Hermeticism & the Gnostic Kabbalah

Hermetic Path
Hermetic Path

At the dawn of the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm, we need to ask ourselves:

Are we human beings who sometimes have a spiritual experience?
Or are we spiritual beings who are having a human experience?

Oracle Temple favors the latter view of the human condition, and our church provides guidance in esoteric traditions, contemporary science, and the latest research on consciousness - all of which assist us in attaining enlightenment. Here, we present two paths of study that provide rich cosmology and fertile ground for exploring the ineffable Source of all Being.

Hermeticism is an ancient wisdom tradition with a sophisticated yet accessible cosmology. It is a wonderful starting point for New Age seekers, and it highlights the first and critical Law of Gender.

Gnosticism is another proven path with an even more refined cosmology. It is an excellent tradition for those who want to know what Jesus taught his inner circle. The pillars in the “Tree of Life” also reflect God’s Masculine & Feminine aspects.

The goal of enlightenment is to encounter then comprehend the non-dual nature of the Cosmos. The ultimate goal is to achieve Ethereal Plane awareness while living on the Earth Plane. We become enlightened when we finally integrate the “True Triple Godhead”: Thou Art * It Is * I Am.

To track your spiritual progress, map yourself on the Spectrum of Consciousness. And to start your quest in earnest, we recommend reading the "Oracle Trilogy: The Truth, The Love, The Light.